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2020 Hairstyle Trends

Since going to the hairdressers and getting a new look has been off the cards for a while, there is no better time than now (when the salons open) to get a fresh new do perfect for the 2020 style.

Really a personal preference, short hair is back in and now is a great time to try it out as everyone's hair is getting pretty long! The cool thing about this trend is that there are plenty of ways to pull it off; pixie cut, shaggy layers, cute bob. So, if you are looking for a fresh new look that is easy to style, then one of the many short hairstyles is perfect for you.

Instead of just a normal fringe, curtain fringe sweeps to the side to create a more 70s effect. Getting a fringe (or bangs) can be quite daunting, so this type is much easier to maintain and is less scary. Whether you have long or short hair, this look is a great way to frame the face and give you a super cool style that is right on trend for the rest of the year.

I saw that this look was hot right now, but didn't quite know what was meant by 'embellished'. Hair experts say that this is an important hair trend this year, and honestly, I agree. Seeing pictures online (and not being much of a braid fan myself before this) I love this look. Adding some glamour into your braids is a super cool and depending on how you accessorise your braids, you can be girly or edgy, basically anything you want to be.

As many of us may have tried to cut our own hair during lockdown, a shaggy hairstyle is a great way to clean up any mistakes you could have made. Similar to the short hair trend, there are many ways to try it out; long-hair, curly, short-layered. This youthful look is super cool for summer and is a different hair trend for anyone wanting to shake it up a bit.

This is the best length for this style, as the medium stretch gives it plenty of ways to style and for anyone with naturally curly hair, your lustrous locks will get the freedom they deserve! Also, for those with naturally straight hair, we all know that curling it makes it slightly shorter, but now that is exactly what we're going for with this incredibly on trend look.

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