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2021 Fashion Trends

Say hello to actual clothes and goodbye to all-day pyjamas! 2021 is here and we are ready to get out and wear everything this year has to offer. From livestreamed fashion shows, to socially distanced runways, here are 5 looks that you will be seeing everywhere this year.


Colours are always a great trend, as you can make them into whatever you want them to be. Black and white are always being worn everywhere, but now we are putting them together in the same piece! Anywhere from skirts, playsuits, or bikinis, with checks or stripes, monochrome is here to stay for 2021. It is simple and classy, just what we need to get back out there.

Trench Coats

A simple classic that we can all wear, however, this year is all about switching it up. Try out with a coat a little bit out of your comfort zone. One question when writing about fashion is, what do people actually want to wear? Fashion is for highlighting the things we love and expanding on a simple trend is the perfect idea. We can now be warm and fashionable at the same time!


Obviously, dresses are worn every year, but after 2020 (aka the year we all stayed in) designers have put a lot of thought and effort into producing beautiful dresses for us to wear in this new year. We are all hoping that we will be allowed out as soon as possible and showing off a gorgeous dress at our rescheduled events is going to be something to look forward to.

Oversized Jackets

Back to the cold weather clothes, oversized jackets are such an easy style to pull off, not to mention that they are so cosy as well! Try them out with any colour you like, although our personal favourite is blue, and dress them up or down. Wear with leggings and trainers, or with a dress and boots. This style is so versatile and can make you feel ready for your day.


Spring is looking like the time when things will slowly be getting back to normal and wearing a floral outfit is sure to make it feel as if a new season (and a new beginning) is upon us. Wear the pattern in jumpsuits, dresses, shirts, any way you like. Make it full of spring colours, or even make it monochrome. Let's make this year one to remember for all the right reasons!

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