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3 Signs Of A Fake Friend

All friendships have ups and downs, and only the people within the friendship truly know what is going on. Nonetheless, here are 3 signs to spot a fake friend.

They Don't Support You

If a friend isn't there for you when you need them (and they don't have a really good excuse for not having your back), then they probably aren't as committed to the relationship as you. You may start to notice that they don't properly listen to you, and instead just give unenthusiastic and generic solutions to your problems. Real friends will provide encouragement when you need it.

You Can't Rely On Them

Does your friend stick with you when it benefits them, but as soon as you need their support they disappear? You may notice this when you need their help when out socialising, but they are much more interested in networking with everyone else. This is fake friend behaviour. Friendships are meant to be balanced, so don't give too much of yourself if they're not doing the same.

They Disappear

As mentioned above, when a friend disappears when you need them most, you know something is missing within the friendship. All friendships go through bad moments where one of you has upset the other, but good communication and a fair attitude can resolve all. However, when that communication disappears and your friend isn't willing to talk, then you know something isn't right.

By Pia Louisa

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