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5 People, 5 Questions

5 questions can mean completely different things to people of various ages. Today we will be exploring what these 5 people of varying genders and ages, have to say when answering these 5 questions. Starting at 14 and ending with 83, what advice can they give us, and what have they learnt so far in their lives?

1. What do you find disrespectful?

Age 14: 'When people assume something because of my gender'.

Age 16: 'One of the things I find disrespectful is when you show someone loyalty and they can't even pay it back'.

Age 39: 'What I find disrespectful is the lack of kindness and manners between people. How people treat each other on a daily basis, be it strangers, or those you know. Kindness and manners are free, yet are very often overlooked, and it's sad. A gesture of kindness goes such a long way and I think is at the core of a happy world. By showing these two values to another person shows a mutual respect and encourages it more'.

Age 53: 'Generally people who do not respect the place they live and other people. It is all too common to complain about things but then not do anything about it. People need to get involved and show me respect and I will in turn respect you'.

Age 83: 'Bad manners'.

2. What is one big life question you would like answered?

Age 14: 'What happens when you die?'.

Age 16: 'Is there an afterlife?'.

Age 39: 'Gosh, what a question! My question do you live in a world that you, yourself feel totally alien to, where you just don't belong?'.

Age 53: 'Why do people have to hurt each other?'.

Age 83: 'How to stop wars'.

3. What was your favourite song growing up?

Age 14: 'Little Mix - Move'.

Age 16: 'My favourite song growing up is/was 'Protect Ya Neck' by the Wu-Tang Clan'.

Age 39: 'Way too many songs to choose from! I love music way too much and I keep changing the chosen track. The thought of having to pick one hurts! The song I have chosen is the song that stuck with me since I have been a child and one that was in a movie that really touched my heart. The movie is 'The Land Before Time' and the song gave me hope and kept me surviving through an abusive childhood that broke my heart and sense of self into a billion pieces. It is a song that tugs on my heart strings even now and transports me to that strong feeling of hope that I was going to get out and be able to day. I love that about music, how it has the capacity to teleport you to a space and time so directly, as if you're living that very moment all over again and can smell and touch everything around you. The song that got me through this is, 'If We Hold on Together', by Diana Ross. Beautiful'.

Age 53: ''It's My Life' - Talk Talk'.

Age 83: ''Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bedpost Overnight' - Lonnie Donegan'.

4. What's the bravest thing you have ever done?

Age 14: 'Dealing with my parents' divorce'.

Age 16: 'The bravest thing I've ever done is when I broke up a nasty fight when I didn't even know the people at the time and in doing so, I gained a future best friend'.

Age 39: 'The bravest thing I have ever done....well there are so many! However, if I had to choose the biggest, I would say to leave the most abusive relationship I have ever had, with zero support in doing so and going against the people who are supposed to support you and a whole gang of toxic people. Standing alone and standing up for myself in a way I never have after believing I matter too and deserve to breathe here. Protecting my daughter, who is my heart and reason for living, so she can see and know that there is another way of living and she can break the severe cycle of abuse that has run in my family for generations. Continuing to fight for our freedom, coming up to 4 years now to get away from him and still not backing down, but growing stronger despite the heart shaking obstacles and facing all fears flung in front of us. I have dreams for my life, but just to know my daughter and the generations she leads are going to have a bright future, is the biggest dream I could manifest! Now what I do moving forward is just a big fat juicy bonus, which I actually cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into. Again, a passion for life is something I never thought I would know! My baby girl is so strong and crazy resilient and quite simply the most amazing human being I have known. My pride and joy, my hero, my inspiration and my drive to be the best I can be. Everyday, I strive to set positive examples for her. To not hold hatred for others of the world, despite what suffering you have endured and to never accept anyone treat her in a way that takes away her soul. She is worthy of everything and she is pure of heart. My bravest act is making way for a future I never thought could ever be possible, even in my sleeping dreams!'.

Age 53: 'Becoming a parent, there is no handbook and all you can hope for is that you try and bring them up right!'.

Age 83: 'Getting married'.

5. What advice would you give to someone younger than you?

Age 14: 'Life is long, so find someone fun to live it with'.

Age 16: 'Advice that I would give to someone younger than me is, don't worry about what other people think. If you enjoy what you are doing and it doesn't hurt anyone, don't worry'.

Age 39: 'Advice I would give to someone younger than me would be to follow your heart and not to worry about what other people think of you, or the perception of you. If you feel what you're doing is right and you're not purposefully hurting anybody, just go both feet in and leap! Follow those dreams waiting to be brought alive and do it with a big fat smile on your face while you do it! No one is allowed to tell you who you are...NO ONE!'.

Age 53: 'Don't let life pass you by, it is too short and before you know it you are getting old. Do what you want to do but only what you want to do. Responsibility weighs you down with all trials and tribulations that come your way, so enjoy and live life to the fullest'.

Age 83: 'Study for qualifications'.

What would your answers be?

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