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5 People, 5 Questions

This week's 5 questions will be answered by a range of people, from ages 14 to 76. Each person has a different opinion and perspective and as always, fantastic answers. Let's find out what they had to say and ask yourself if your answers would have been similar. Time to get started!

1. What celebrity do you think you look like?

Age 14: 'I think that I look like a mix between many different celebrities so I can't think of just one.'

Age 19: 'Finding celebrities that look similar to you is always nice, because you feel as if there are others out there like you. I’ve gotten a few different ones over the years, but the one I agree with most is probably Danielle Campbell.'

Age 31: 'Kate Winslet.'

Age 50: 'People used to say I looked liked Anthony Edwards when he was in ER. I can't think of anyone else. I'd be interested to know if anyone I know can think of someone.'

Age 76: 'Younger days Twiggy, old age Joyce Grenfell, both remarked on by others over the years.'

2. What is your biggest regret?

Age 14: 'My biggest regret is not being myself because it wasn't what people wanted or because I felt insecure that people wouldn't like me.'

Age 19: 'I don’t regret anything! There are obviously many times that I have embarrassed myself and in the moment I wish it never happened, but now they are great stories. I always say, it’s better to act now then regret later.'

Age 31: 'Going straight into a secretarial job when I left school. I wish I had gone to college and learnt to do something creative.'

Age 50: 'Not making more effort with my cricket when I was in my late teens and fairly good. I was lazy and didn't make enough time to be as good as I could be.'

Age 76: 'Probably having had a failed marriage.'

3. Who is someone in your life that inspires you?

Age 14: 'The people in my life that inspire me the most are my parents. Both of them have gone through separate things that have made them strong and that inspires me to get through things that challenge me in my life.'

Age 19: ‘I have so many amazing women in my family and look up to all of them for different reasons. My mum is a huge inspiration for me, but my ultimate inspiration is my grandmother. Knowing all of the things she has done to get where she is today really inspires me and I hope that one day I can be as brave and wonderful as she is.'

Age 31: 'A mother in my postnatal group. She wears bright red lipstick every day, whether she's having a bad day or not. I love that.'

Age 50: 'My wife! I love how she writes her children's books and the amazing ideas she comes up with. I can't wait until she's written them all although I'm not convinced she'll ever stop!'

Age 76: 'My 84-year-old neighbour, ex-ballet dancer, now with numerous medical problems but still positive and cheerful. She gives me hope.'

4. What moment changed your life?

Age 14: 'Becoming best friends with my sister changed my life because it meant I always had someone who loved me and I could talk to about anything and would understand what I was going through.'

Age 19: ‘There has been nothing ‘major’ that has changed my life yet, but I would say working as a witch at Halloween was a decision that put me on a different course in life! It made me realise what I wanted to do and gave me that push to do it.'

Age 31: 'The moment I realised that the most important person in my life was moving to another country.'

Age 50: 'Being signed off work for 3 months with stress. I wasn't in a position where I could ever go back and I had to change career.'

Age 76: 'Having my son.'

5. What was the happiest day of your life?

Age 14: 'The happiest moment of my life was with my sister when we had the house to ourselves when our parents were away for the weekend and we got to sing, dance and spend quality time together. Another moment that made me really happy was when I found a cup that I have had since I was a baby that I thought I had lost, it was one of the happiest moments of my life because it meant so much to me because I have had some of the best memories with my family that revolved around this cup (it might sound silly but it made me so happy).'

Age 19: ‘The happiest day of my life was my 18th birthday! I wasn’t expecting that much and when I heard the doorbell ring and saw my favourite people out there surprising me, I couldn’t help but burst out crying with the happiest of tears. That really was such an amazing day and I owe it to all the people that love me and know me well enough to plan the perfect day’.

Age 31: 'The day I found out I was pregnant.'

Age 50: 'This is a seriously hard question. I think this changes for me with every new milestone. My daughter passing her driving test is the freshest in my mind.'

Age 76: 'Buying Green Courts.'

By Pia Talbot

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