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5 Women, 5 Questions

Carrying on with our 5 questions series, today the questions will be answered by 5 women, ranging from ages 14 to 76. With different opinions and wonderful answers, what advice can they give us and how do their answers change throughout the years? Here's what they had to say:

1. What is your favourite line from a film?

Age 14: 'Step off' - School of Rock and 'You can't handle the truth' - A Few Good Men'.

Age 19: 'Don't pity the dead, pity the living and above all, those who live without love'.

Age 39: 'You had me at hello' and 'May the force be with you'.

Age 54: 'This is a hard one as I love movies, so there are so many, but I guess my favourite ones are from the School of Rock and In Bruges. The lines in both of these movies are just so witty and on point'.

Age 76: 'Climb every mountain'.

2. What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever had?

Age 14: 'When we were running in school for PE and I fell over in front of everyone!'.

Age 19: 'There are so many! Probably when I fell down when it was raining in the middle of London'.

Age 39: 'I said 'Hi' to a friend and then I said 'Congratulations', she said 'For what?', I said 'for being pregnant', she said 'I'm not pregnant, (looking mortified...) I've put on weight!'. Like a cartoon character, my jaw dropped. She was so sad and mortified. I wanted the ground to suck me up whole'.

Age 54: 'Mmmm...tricky one, as I naturally avoid, like the plague, any situation where I think I may embarrass myself! So I can recall more situations where it was either awkward or difficult or both...and there've been many of those'.

Age 76: 'Giving birth/Tripping on a banana skin in Knightsbridge!'.

3. What is you bedtime routine?

Age 14: 'Loo, brush teeth, wash face, brush hair and then drink water'.

Age 19: 'Brush my teeth, moisturise, get changed and check my phone (even though I know you shouldn't!)'.

Age 39: 'TV, toilet, TV, read, meditation and affirmations to help me get to sleep'.

Age 54: 'I'm not a routine person at all, so I don't have a 'specific routine' for anything, but what I am is a hygiene freak! So, I guess washing, brushing teeth and hair and applying copious amounts of hand cream are basics I never skip. There are other things I do, but not every day or in any same sequence, so I guess they don't fall in the 'routine' category'.

Age 76: 'Sober up, get up, clean up!'.

4. What advice would you give to other women?

Age 14: 'My advice would be to always fight for what you believe in, especially when it comes to what rights you have'.

Age 19: 'Be exactly who you are. If everyone was the same, life would be very boring. You are beautiful and you are strong enough to do anything you set your mind to, whether that be accomplishing your dream job, falling in love and starting a family, or just watching an episode of a show you love! It's your life, it's your choice how you live it'.

Age 39: 'Listen out to what your gut is telling you...then tap into your courage to follow what it is saying'.

Age 54: 'I think 3 key things: 1. Follow you passion. I believe that if you try to realise your passion and make it a reality not just a dream, you are rarely going to find yourself on the wrong path in life. You could argue this is not necessarily a gender-specific piece of advice, but given there are still battles women are fighting for, might as well start off on the best possible footing, as doing what you are truly passionate about I think will always yield the best results. 2. Be an individual. Don't be afraid to be different. Again you could argue this can apply to both women as well as men, but I think for a women it is probably more important, because sadly we (women) are still being labelled and pushed into many 'society pre-approved boxes', far more than men. So not conforming to everything that society tells us is an important step in gaining empowerment, freedom, equality and in turn, not losing one's identity. 3. Don't be afraid of being independent. It is my belief that men and society in general still fear (or at least are wary of) an independent woman, but I do think this is the way we have to go if we are to achieve equality in every area of life. Also, if people can't handle your independence then they are simply not right for you and you will naturally attract like-minded people who see this trait as a positive one, not something that should be changed'.

Age 76: 'You are never too old!'.

5. Who is your favourite TV show character?

Age 14: 'Damon Salvatore - 'The Vampire Diaries'. He is my favourite because he is really funny, really protective of people and because he is hot!'.

Age 19: 'I have so many! However, my favourite male character would have to be Dean Winchester from 'Supernatural' as he is just awesome. Female character, Santana Lopez from 'Glee'. I love her fierceness, her talent, her fashion and just the fact that no matter what, she does what she loves and doesn't care who knows'.

Age 39: 'Chandler!'.

Age 54: 'I'm more of a movie person than a TV show one, but in lockdown, like many people I guess, I have watched a few series and a character I really loved was Beth Harmon in 'The Queen's Gambit', so determined and intelligent. The other one is Mitchell Pritchett from 'Modern Family', just adorable, sharp and sarcastic at the same time, but with a soft heart. From the past, I like Geraldine Granger from 'The Vicar of Dibley', incredibly quick-witted and with a really big heart'.

Age 76: 'Margo Leadbetter from 'The Good Life''.

What would your answers be?

By Pia Talbot

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