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6 Most Organised Zodiac Signs

Some zodiac signs are just more organised than others. The signs on this list prefer to have an organised life, while those not here don't mind a bit of mess!

6. Aries

Honestly, anything can go either way for an Aries, it all just depends on where they are in their life at that moment! They won't prioritise housework over going out and having fun with their friends, as they know that life's too short to waste time doing things they don't want to do. However, when they're sitting at home doing nothing, tidying up and getting organised is better than being bored.

5. Cancer

Cancerians like to keep organised, but mainly because they want their home environment to be nice for everyone else. They have a hard time parting with things that bring them good memories, so will have everything they love out on display to look beautiful. Cancerians stay organised, but they also have a few quirky pieces around their house that they can't bear to get rid of!

4. Taurus

Taurus are organised and methodical and don't like a hair being out of place. They much prefer to tidy up by themselves and find it quite stressful when people come over to their house and make a mess. Taurus can sometimes seem a little bit disorganised on the outside, but in reality, they know where everything is and how to find things when they need them.

3. Pisces

As the dreamy creatives of the zodiac, it might seem a bit surprising that Pisces are on this list. However, Pisces are empaths and are very sensitive when it comes to changes in their environment. If someone gets into a fight around a Pisces, they feel the fiery tension within them for hours afterwards. Therefore, when a Pisces is around a disorganised environment, they feel emotionally cluttered.

2. Libra

As the sign that likes to focus on fairness and partnership, Libra is easily motivated to get things done and impress the people around them. Libras do find it difficult to make up their minds, so sometimes find it difficult knowing where to start! However, after listening to other people's opinions, they soon find their way and rarely stray from their schedule. Libras trust their gut and like to be in control.

1. Virgo

Virgos aren't just organised, they are the tidiest people you could ever meet! They will clean everything once, then go back again just to make sure nothing has been moved. Virgos like everything to be in its place and for it all to be clean. No one will ever go into their house with it being messy, as Virgos like to show people how organised they are and want them to feel comfortable in their home.

By Pia Louisa

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