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This week's crystal is the wonderful Opal! Opal is a crystal full mystery and charisma that enhances psychic vibrations. This is a crystal that helps ease worry, stress and depression and is good for people who have trouble sleeping, or often have nightmares. Opal helps balance the chakras and is full of Earth and Water energies. Let's find out more about it.

Planet: Moon

Star Sign: Cancer

Element: Water

Chakra: Throat

Used For: Grounding yourself, spicing up your life, increasing desire

Why You Should Use It

There are many different reasons why you should use Opal. The main reason is it's wonderful for calming restless minds and thoughts. It is especially beneficial for people who have trouble getting to sleep and those who feel lonely. It is said that this stone is 'the cloak of invisibility' and helps when you don't want to be noticed. It is a crystal for emotional support.

How To Use It

Opal promotes a sense of calm, security and easing stress. It should be used when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to calm yourself down. If you need a good night's rest and are prone to having nightmares, put this crystal by your bed to help with this. It is a type of shield and helps fight off other people's negative energies, which is why it is also good to have in a bag or pocket.

For Love and Relationships

Opal is great for emotional balance, but it is also wonderful for igniting passion and attracting love. It is a protection stone that helps fight off anyone not right for you. Opal will help you fall in love with life and make you more seductive. It will help you to be more open and honest with who you are and what you want. After a long period of having it, you will be able to control your emotions better.

Healing Properties

Love is the main theme of Opal, as well as peace and faithfulness. It intensifies emotions and induces psychic abilities. It helps to release anger and promote self worth. If you are interested in the arts, this is the crystal for you! Opal strengthens the will and eases sadness. It helps heal the heart after a breakup and brings gentle love into your life. Opal is a helpful crystal for anyone to use.

By Pia Louisa

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