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Advice For Earth Signs

Earth signs are the most grounded people you could meet. They are the ones who keep it real 100% of the time! They're known to be stable and pragmatic, but often need to hear a bit of advice every now and then. If you need help with anything, an earth sign is always the best person to turn to. However, there are certain things that they need a little help with themselves...

Taurus - 'It's good to be honest, but try not to come across as rude or hurtful'

Taurus aren't ones to tell a lie, as telling the truth is just in their nature. There's no point trying to fight this trait, however, they could try thinking a bit more before giving their response so they sound more sensitive and thoughtful. Taurus go one way or the other, they are either too invested in something, or way too lazy. Therefore, if something doesn't go their way when they are invested in it, they can become quite hurtful.

Virgo - 'It's okay to feel nervous or worried'

Feeling nervous and worried is something that everyone deals with. Virgos are known to be overthinkers and get super anxious about things before they have even begun. As Virgos are also known to think to themselves before asking for anyone's opinion, they also often feel misunderstood. Virgos must try to stay out of their heads and know that it's absolutely fine to feel nervous about the future.

Capricorn - 'You don't have to be perfect'

Capricorns want to have everything! Therefore, what they must do is focus on all the amazing things they already have and not stress too much about what other people think. Capricorns must try to forget about what they think are 'flaws' and remember all of their amazing characteristics. They are incredibly hardworking people and will get anything they set their mind to.

By Pia Louisa

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