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Advice For Fire Signs

Fire signs are known for being ambitious and impulsive and sometimes need a little bit of help battling their vices. Here is some advice for each fire sign that will hopefully help them live a more blissful life!

Aries - 'Don't take what anyone thinks of you into consideration'

As an Aries, it is best for you to just not care what people think about you. Who's going to stop you wearing what you want where you want? If someone gives you the 'What are they doing?' look, just forget about them and carry on doing you. Make your own happiness. When an Aries is happy, it rubs off on everyone, so don't wait for someone to make you happy, do it yourself!

Leo - 'Be your lively self, but don't expect everyone to always be watching'

Leos are born with a sense of drama and flair! Every social interaction is an opportunity for them to entertain with a joke or anecdote. They're never dull and can really work a crowd, but they also find it difficult giving someone else the attention that they want. Do Leos need attention every second of their life? Definitely no, but when they are feeling up to it, they need people to be watching.

Sagittarius - 'Be independent, but don't forget who are really there for you'

Independence is one of Sagittarius strongest traits. They often find themselves never quite fitting in with specific groups. Sagittarius create their own paths and follow their hearts wherever it may lead them. Their independent streak is like no other, but they must remember to occasionally give back to the people who have helped them on their journey. Sagittarius want freedom to live their life the way they want.

By Pia Louisa

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