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Advice For Water Signs

Water signs are great at adapting to whatever situation they are in. They are associated with emotions, as they can go from one emotion to the next in a second! Water signs are incredibly compassionate, as they feel things so intensely and have empathy for the people around them. However, water signs often have a tendency to overreact to certain situations and find it hard controlling their emotions when the time calls for it.

Cancer - 'Try not to get so easily hurt and offended'

Cancerians have lots of feelings, which is great, but all of this sensitivity often leads to them getting wounded easier than most. Teasing or criticism leaves Cancerians analysing every word and feeling scared that no one likes them. Many Cancerians need to learn not to take things so personally and if someone actually isn't being kind to them, then it is absolutely okay to let the friendship go.

Scorpio - 'Try not to get angry at things that don't even need your attention'

Scorpios have a bad temper and get irritated at issues that aren't even that bad. If they can find a way to control their anger when they need to, everyone around them will benefit from it. When something makes a Scorpio angry, the best thing for them to do is step away from the situation and have a glass of water to calm themselves down. Staying calm can be more effective than getting angry.

Pisces - 'Remember to keep in touch with reality, not just live in a fantasy'

Pisces are visionaries, but often live most of their time in a fantasy world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending some of your time in a fantasy land, but when Pisces gets disappointed, their first instinct is to try and distract themselves. It's natural to be sad when something bad happens, but getting back up again after a setback is very important when it comes to Pisces.

By Pia Louisa

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