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Amethyst (like Rose Quartz) is one of the most popular crystals out there. It brings vibrant energy and revitalises spiritual connections. It represents purification and is the birthstone for February. It is the most powerful protection stone and helps those who stress easily. Let's see what else this fabulous violet variety of Quartz does to help everyone.

Planet: Uranus

Star Sign: Aquarius

Element: Air

Chakra: Crown

Used For: Feeling homesick, relaxing the body, reinvigorating other crystals

Why You Should Use It

There have been so many myths over the years that show how Amethyst is great for emotional wellbeing. In fact, the ancient Romans believed that Amethyst could stop them getting drunk! Nowadays however, Amethyst is said to promote serenity and calm and improve any sadness people may have. It is connected to the higher self and wants to make sure people are in their best state possible.

How To Use It

Amethyst is best for promoting peace in an office space and helps to slow your pace, making is easier to concentrate on the things that really matter. Also place it near your bed to get a better night's sleep. Amethyst is great for meditation and is good to hold in your hand. Place it in the area you meditate and do yoga in. It is also a great gift to give to others, as it encourages healing in their lives.

For Love and Relationships

Amethyst is a crystal to get you prepped to meet your match as it promotes serenity. It is also an incredible crystal to use if you have recently gone through a breakup. Amethyst is great if you are seeking a new relationship and gives you the energy to make your dreams a reality. It brings a lightness to relationships and helps ride the highs and lows of any partnership.

Healing Properties

Amethyst attracts trusting people into your life and increases psychic abilities. It heals the mind, body and soul and is great for meditation. Amethyst relieves stress and is the perfect crystal for protection. It helps soothe irritability and gets rid of any anger. Amethyst opens up psychic abilities and connects you with your higher self. It wants you to be aware of any negative personality traits and steers you away from them.

By Pia Louisa

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