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Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a sequence of three or four of the same numbers that will appear to you in random unplanned places. Let's see what numbers 0-9 mean!

000 - Beginnings and Transition

When you see 000, a new beginning is making its way to you. You will have to make some choices soon that will lead you to brand new experiences. This is a sign that you are doing well in life. It is saying, don't worry too much about the future, as your thoughts and desires are connecting well to bring you to your best self. Your choices are going to serve you well.

111 - Manifestation and Independence

111 is a very powerful angel number, which symbolises manifesting your thoughts into reality. It also means being independent, motivated, inspired and successful. As a number that has high energy, it can symbolise intuition and having a spiritual awakening. At its core, 111 brings joy into your life and wants you to communicate well with others and be inspired by them.

222 - Spirituality and Self-Awareness

222 is also associated with having a spiritual awakening. As one of the most common numbers that you may see, 222 can also mean that there are angels watching over you. There are many ways to explain what having a spiritual awakening could mean, however, when you see this number, think to yourself what this means to you, as everyone has a different experience with it.

333 - Fulfilment and Growth

If you have been asking the universe for help lately, 333 is a sign that the universe is listening. Something amazing is on its way to you right now that is going to bring so much joy and happiness. You must continue to work hard towards you goals, as once these amazing things show themselves to you, you must take action and embrace them. Don't forget to have fun though!

444 - Responsibility and Hard Work

The number 444 represents responsibility, stability and hard work. This number means that something in your life is going to be enhanced. Listen to yourself and let your mind guide you in the right direction. 444 wants you to know that you have nothing to be afraid of in life, as the universe is on your side. Remember that you are not alone and there are angels out there who have got your back.

555 - Change and Positivity

Angel number 555 is telling you that a change is coming, but that you should remain confident within yourself and positive that it is the right thing. Be aware of your emotions during this time as your circumstances may change. No matter what this change is, the angels want you to know that positivity is surrounding it and you don't need to worry, especially about the small things.

666 - Beauty and Balance

The dreaded 666! The angel number 666 actually stands for beauty and balance. It wants you to remember to live a balanced lifestyle and to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. It can be difficult to figure out what we no longer need, but take your time and use your inner strength to remove any toxicity from your life. It can be tough but you will be better in the long run.

777 - Life Purpose and Support

The number 777 is the angels saying congratulations to you! You are in tune with the universe and is confirmation that you are doing well. You are giving what the world needs from you. Your thoughts and ideas are nudging you in the right direction and it is as if something larger is at play in your life. Stay positive and allow your soul to go in the direction it chooses.

888 - Wisdom and Realisation

When you see the number 888, it is the universe letting you know that you are ready to share your wisdom with others. You've had many experiences that have led you to finding out who your true self is and can now draw upon your wisdom to make your life better. You can now help people with your knowledge, as they experience obstacles similar to yours on their path.

999 - Completion and Action

Angel number 999 is telling you that some parts of your life are coming to an end. Have faith in the universe and that it is guiding you on the right path. Before the completion comes to an end, sort out your plans and goals for the next phase of your life. Focus only on what you truly desire and remember that endings do not equal sadness. Leave the past behind and make the best of everything that you still have to come.

By Pia Louisa

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