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Angelite is a wonderful crystal that activates our throat, third eye and crown chakras. It opens up our psychic channels and is a very high vibrational stone. If you feel you need guidance from the universe, this is the crystal for you.

Planet: Uranus

Star Sign: Aquarius

Element: Air

Chakra: Third Eye

Used For: Tranquillity, compassion and stress relief

Why You Should use It

If you want to live your life with intention and purpose, Angelite is the crystal for you. It is a crystal that invites in positive vibes and allows your heart to open, letting you forgive more easily, feel deeper compassion and reconnect you to your breath. Angelite will never let you be weak, as it helps let things go which in itself can only be done when you are strong.

How To Use It

Angelite should be used when you feel a strong pull towards it, for example, if you have been seeing lots of feathers lately, that is a sign that you should work with this crystal. The best way to work with Angelite is by holding it in your hands and taking deep breaths into the crystal to connect you with it. In your mind, think of everything you want to achieve, but only think about the positives of them.

For Love and Relationships

Angelite is a crystal full of light and love! With its soft shade, it brings many promises of a happy future and sends messages straight to the heart. Think of it as an Aphrodite crystal, as it is complete with love and is soft but still powerful like a goddess. Angelite is all about gentle love, as it has such a soft energy. It is a crystal that wants you to remember what you deserve and not to settle for anything less.

Healing Properties

Angelite has many healing properties. It starts at the throat chakra and moves up to the third eye, meaning that it is also great for communication and will help you understand people better. Angelite will also help to connect you with others and help guide your inner wisdom. If you are interested in opening up your psychic channels, don't hesitate to work with this crystal.

By Pia Louisa

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