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Anxiety In Lockdown

The beginning of 2021 has not been how we all hoped it might be and all of these emotions are bubbling up to the surface and causing some pretty bad anxiety. Here is a little post to help anyone who needs it.


One thing everyone needs in their lives is some form of control, however, now that we are being told what to do and how to do it, control is becoming less and less possible. My advice would be to just let go. Take each step of the day as it comes and don't sweat the small things. Most anxiety comes from a lack of control, so trust me, you are not the only one who is feeling this way.


If you're anything like me, then going for a walk in the park and seeing others there actually makes you feel worse, because you know you can't go up and talk to anyone. Lots of mental health websites are telling us to 'stay connected' with people online, but we as humans needs face-to-face contact. Try and stick to people you know can make you feel better. For me it's my godsister, but for you it could be your mum, cousin or best friend who lives in Australia! Anyone who makes you feel joy.

Focus on Yourself

Embrace this time! To be blunt, we don't have a choice but to stay inside and the only way to really not go crazy is to just accept it and make the best out of this time. Practise self-care as much as you can, as in a year's time when you are so busy, you'll wish you could have this time to yourself again. There is no shame in putting yourself first, especially at the moment.


Have a goal for the day. I don't mean something like 'I will tidy up the kitchen', more like 'I will be kind to myself today'. One mental goal will change your whole outlook on the day. Every time you start to feel stressed about work or family, take a second to remember your goal. Tomorrow you may feel entirely different, but just for now, be kind to yourself.


Lastly, I just wanted to touch on something many people have been feeling the past few months, tired. It gets to 4pm and all of a sudden it feels like bed time! Don't worry about it. We get tired from doing too much physically, but we can also get tried from doing too much mentally and anxiety is an easy source of tiredness. Relax your mind and have a lie down if you need it. There is nothing wrong with you.

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