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Are Your Friends Right For You?

Since this year has basically been about you on your own, it has been the perfect time to assess the friendships in your life. Who has been there for you during this tough time? Who have you been there for? Friendships constantly evolve. Your closest friend a year ago may hardly speak to you now and that's ok. What's not ok is spending time with people who you know aren't good for you. So the question we will answer today is, are your friends right for you?

Do They Listen?

Friendship is a two way street. Communication is key and it has to be done in an equal manner. A great friend always knows when to shut their mouth and listen to the other person. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you vent about your life and a true friend will be a happy listener. Make sure that you are both balanced when it comes to talking.

Can You Be Yourself With Them?

The question isn't, 'Will they accept your true self?' as, to be honest, if they didn't, the friendship would be over pretty quickly! Do you feel you are able to be your full self with them? If not, they have clearly not made you feel comfortable enough to even try. Either have a talk with them and tell them exactly who you are and if they don't like it, then bye! Or, cut them out straight away. If they can't let you be yourself now, it isn't often they will let you later.

Can You Count On Them?

Real friends are there for you when you need it. Obviously, if they have their own stuff to deal with, you can't expect them to drop everything straight away and be by your side, but you would want them to help you through difficult times in your life. If they just say 'I'm sure you'll be fine', then let's be honest, they don't really care. Find a friend that is willing to talk a problem through with you, just like you would do for them.

Do They Respect You?

A question that is often overlooked, respect comes in many forms. Do they respect your boundaries? Do they respect your feelings? If you don't want to go out drinking one night, they should be able to say 'Don't worry about it', other than 'You're so boring'! Or, if you have a guilty pleasure, they shouldn't tell you how embarrassing you are! Set your own respect limits and let them know where you stand.

Do They Reach Out To You?

Are you always the one to ask to go out? If the answer is yes, then it really makes you feel like you're being such a burden on the other person. This is not the case. It is up to your friend to make a decision to say yes or no to whether they want to go out. If they are worth it, then you know that having to make the first move often is the way to go, but if they reply with a one word answer and always want to leave early, maybe take some time out and wait for them to come to you.

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