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Astrology Oracle Cards Part 5

Today is the penultimate look at the Starcodes Astro Oracle deck. Let's get straight into it!


Receiving Descendant is a sign to invite people into your space. The Ascendant is all about how you enter the world, while the Descendant signifies how you allow others to enter your world. Who do you find yourself drawn to? Are there any patterns that have been repeated throughout your life? This card wants you to examine which relationships have worked, and which were unsuccessful.

First House

When First House appears in your reading, it wants you to think about how you entered the world and how you continue to act when meeting new people and going to new places. The First House is ruled by Aries, therefore it is all about your first impressions and how you begin any new journeys that come your way. If you get this card, new beginnings are making their way to you.

Fifth House

Fifth House is all about passion, whether it be romantic or professional. This card's main focus is romance, the type of romance you picture when you think of two people falling in love for the first time! It is an exciting and passionate romance that may not last for long, but is wonderful for the time being. The Fifth House has a childlike nature to it, as it is ruled by Leo, which means being carefree is important to those who get this card.

Sixth House

Receiving Sixth House is a sign to focus on the productive parts of your life. Anything that relates to your health is associated with this card, as it is ruled by Virgo. If you get the Sixth House in your reading, think about spending time in the kitchen creating new healthy recipes. Exercising and just getting your body moving in general go hand in hand with this card.

Seventh House

When Seventh House appears in your reading, it wants you to focus on the partnerships in your life. Ruled by Libra, romance is greatly important to this card, therefore it has intensity and intimacy associated with it. When imagining the Seventh House, think of a beautiful sunset, with couples enjoying their time together. It is an elegant card for those wanting a romantic and graceful life.

Third House

Third House is all about how you communicate. Ruled by Gemini, this house is associated with information exchange and sometimes even gossip! Learning will be important to those who receive this card and getting together socially with friends and family will interest them greatly. Depending on which zodiac sign rules your Third House, it is all about your communication style and how you connect with others.

Second House

Receiving Second House is a sign to focus on your possessions and the things that you value about your life. How do you spend your money? Are there any negative patterns you find yourself repeating? Ruled by Taurus, this card wants you to think before you act and organise your life in the best way you know how. Sit back, think, and process any new information coming your way.

Fourth House

When Fourth House appears in your reading, it wants you to completely focus on your home base. As it is ruled by Cancer, the Fourth House signifies your relationship with your family and how you handle your home environment. Spend some time at home and allow yourself to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Nurture yourself and others.

Imum Coeli

Imum Coeli is all about your roots, where you come from, and how you ground yourself. Don't jump seven steps ahead when it's best to take one step at a time and each day as it comes. Any time you feel like you're losing yourself, go back to the place you feel comfortable and at peace. As the song says, you have got to have roots before branches.

By Pia Louisa

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