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Astrology Oracle Cards Part 6

Today is the final look at the Starcodes Astro Oracle deck! Let's find out what these fabulous cards mean.


Receiving Conjunction is a sign to work close with someone in order to build on your relationship. When two celestial bodies conjunct, they move very close to each other. Find someone in your life who you gel with and combine your ideas in order to create something even better! Play with each other's purposes and begin a new phase of your relationship.

Eighth House

When the Eighth House appears in your reading, it wants you to embrace the mysterious side of life. The Eighth House traditionally rules Scorpio, therefore has connections to subjects like sex, death, and money. Explore the thoughts that make you uncomfortable and work through any fears. Don't distract yourself from a problem, face it head-on.


Opposition is all about confronting something that you know is going to be difficult. When two planets oppose each other, they are on opposite sides of the zodiac, therefore they will both either be fire and air elements, or earth and water elements. You may feel like ignoring the people and things that conflict with you, but like it or not, they aren't going anywhere. Make sure you work with them the best you can.

Tenth House

Receiving Tenth House is a sign to embrace the structured side of life. The Tenth House traditionally rules Capricorn, therefore is associated with subjects like authority, publicity, and law. Listen to the people in your life who know better and take on board any constructive criticisms. Contemplate what you want others to think about you and remember to act according to your own personal values.


When Square/Semi-Square/Quincunx appears in your reading, it wants you to accept the awkward moments of life and try not to fight them. You are likely to find that you grow the most as a person when put in uncomfortable situations that are completely out of your comfort zone. Things may get confrontational from time to time, but as long as you are secure within yourself, nothing can stop you!


Progressions is all about carrying on, especially when you feel like giving up. No matter what, the planets continuously move through time and space. Be like the planets and keep going. There is always something more to achieve, so remember to enjoy your journey and never stop fighting. During the times you want to give up, think about something that excites you and makes you want to keep going.

Eleventh House

Receiving Eleventh House is a sign to get together with like-minded people to discuss subjects that interest you. The Eleventh House traditionally rules Aquarius, therefore is associated with matters of community, friendships, and altruism. Strike a balance between helping those who need it most and having fun with your friends. Be surrounded by people.


When Transits appears in your reading, it wants you to notice what is going on around you. The planets are always moving through time and space and are constantly spinning around us. Pay attention to what is happening in your environment and see if you can do anything to help. Be aware of other people's thoughts and feelings, and be sensitive to issues that may be delicate.

Twelfth House

Twelfth House is all about going within yourself for the answers. The Twelfth House traditionally rules Pisces, therefore is associated with peace and quiet. Find somewhere you can go to quiet your mind. Be still for a moment and listen to the sounds around you. Sometimes life can get hectic and stressful, so remember to stay calm and find peace within.

Ninth House

Receiving the Ninth House is a sign to be free and explore what you are passionate about. The Ninth House traditionally rules Sagittarius, therefore is associated with subjects like travel, education, and media. Explore new places and roam free! Learn as much as you can, as no matter how much information you have on a subject, it will never be enough.


When Trine/Sextile appears in your reading, it wants you to be genuinely happy for those around you and cheer them on in any way you can. Collaborate with your friends and back them up when they need help. Compliment each other by adding on to their values and strengths with your own. Have fun and celebrate the wonderful friendships in your life.

By Pia Louisa

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