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Best Autumnal Movies

Whilst there might be some people who would prefer not to talk about the autumn, the season is upon us. Watching movies is great all year round, but there is just something about those crisp autumn nights when watching a film is particularly satisfying.


You may love it or you may hate it, but there is no denying that Twilight is a cold weather movie. With most of the film shot in the rainy town of Forks with hardly any sun being shown throughout the movie (unless there are those scenes when we see Edward sparkle), if you want to leave summer behind, this is the movie to do it. Bonus, you have five to choose from, so get watching!

Sweet Home Alabama

From New York City to Alabama, this is a true rom-com and a really good one at that. There is no autumn theme to this movie except from the scenery and country feel from Melanie's home of Alabama, so it's perfect for those who are not quite ready to face this time of year just yet. Perfect for a girls night in, this movie is surely the way to go for your first autumn feel.

Harry Potter

Similar to Twilight, the Harry Potter movies are perfect to watch when the nights get darker and the weather gets colder. Especially since Halloween is coming up next month, a little bit of magic is already in the air, so watching a bunch of wizards learn their craft is definitely the way to go. Plus there are eight of them to watch so it's probably going to take all month anyway!

Knives Out

100% one of the best movies to have been released last year! The dark mysterious feel of the film really ups the autumn vibes. Murder mysteries are ideal for this time of the year and if you haven't seen this one, you must. The whole movie is set around a huge mansion as the detectives try to figure out who killed the families wealthy patriarch just after his 85th birthday.

You've Got Mail

Here we have one of the true autumn classics. Even though it was released in 1998, it is still a great movie not only for autumn, but for those romantic comedy moments that we love! Whether it be the fashion or the scenery, this movie screams autumn and is not one to miss. Most people have seen this movie but on the off chance you haven't, now is the perfect time!

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