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Best Brits Moments Ever

As with any incredible award show, there are plenty of amazing, shocking and awkward moments to watch from the Brits. With the first ever Brits taking place 40 years ago, we have all been treated to some brilliant ceremonies over the years. Let's take a look at some of the best moments there has ever been:

1. Harry Styles Almost Misses Out On One Direction Award

In 2014, One Direction won the 'Global Success Award'. However, unlucky for Harry, he was almost not there to collect the award with the rest of his band mates because he was 'having a wee'! He did manage to get on stage and thank the fans, but that moment definitely goes down in Brits history as an almost awkward situation and an interesting award acceptance.

2. Madonna's Cape

So, this wasn't one of the best Brits moments, but it was one of the most shocking. Unfortunately for Madonna, her performance at the 2015 Brits didn't turn out the way everyone was expecting. While singing her song 'Living for Love', Madonna's cape became caught around her neck and she fell down. Luckily she was OK and like a pro, she carried on with her performance amazingly.

3. Ant And Dec's Surprise

As hosts of the 2016 Brits, Ant and Dec did an incredible job hosting the show, however, in the middle of speaking, a woman came and stood in the middle of them wearing an outfit that left little to the imagination. The woman turned out to be model Sadie Pinn, and she definitely left the Geordie duo a little bit shocked to say the least, but they carried on with the show like the professionals they are.

Being one of the funniest comedians out there, Jack Whitehall has to be one of the best hosts that the Brits has ever seen. Now he has hosted the show for three years, there are so many funny moments to watch. From joking about Jesy from Little Mix's Jamaican accent, to laughing with Lizzo and Harry Styles, there can't be many other people able to host the show like he does.

Over the years, the Brits have given us some brilliant collaborations. From Dizzee Rascal and Florence Welch to Robbie Williams and Sir Tom Jones. There have truly been some memorable and unexpected performances. In 2017, Ed Sheeran and Stormzy came together to collaborate on 'Shape of You' and their amazing performance will definitely go down in history.

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