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Best Christmas Episodes

We all know that getting lost in a great TV show is one of the best things to do, and now that Christmas has come around, we have everything we love in our favourite shows, plus that festive spirit that comes along with it at this time of year. There are many great TV shows to choose from but, for now, here are my picks for the best Christmas episodes on TV:

5. Pretty Little Liars - 'How the A Stole Christmas'

This is the first and only Christmas episode that Pretty Little Liars did, and I for one am glad it was. The show can be quite dark with the girls each taking it in turns to be framed for murder at one point or another, but this Christmas episode really kept the shows essence while still having that festive cheer. The reason I am glad there was not another Christmas episode is because this one was perfect the way it was.

Episode Highlight - Ghost Mona showing up to haunt Alison.

4. Friends - 'The One With the Holiday Armadillo'

Comedy Gold! Ross trying to teach his son about Hanukkah is such a lovely thing to do, but mix in an armadillo, Santa and Superman and you get an amazing Christmas episode from our favourite friends. We've all had one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong, and poor Ross just couldn't quite get it right. Luckily, Ben still learnt about Hanukkah and had a Christmas memory he'll never forget.

Episode Highlight - Superman Joey!

3. Gossip Girl - 'It's a Wonderful Lie'

One thing you can always count on with Gossip Girl is a glamorous event we all only dream we could go to, and this episode is no exception with the magical Snowflake Ball. The icy theme, the beautiful dresses (apart from Vanessa), there isn't much not to like about this episode. Keep in mind Gossip Girl loves a bit of drama, and Christmas time doesn't change a thing.

Episode Highlight - Chuck and Blair's doppelgängers

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 'Christmas'

Ever have that friend where no matter how many pictures you take with them they just never look happy? Well, poor Amy has that exact problem when Rosa refuses to smile for a Christmas card for the Captain. At the end of the episode, Boyle's butt saves Rosa and she's so grateful she cracks a smile, and a happy Amy finally gets the picture she wanted.

Episode Highlight - the fighting Santas

1. Glee - 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas'

This is the perfect Christmas episode. Singing festive songs, an old-fashioned black and white special, and a heart-warming ending. This episode shows two sides to Christmas. First, the happy and joyous celebration with a funny sketch starring the glee kids. Second, how we should help those who don't have as much as we do as they show us by volunteering at the homeless shelter.

Episode Highlight - Finn gifting Rachel a star

So there you have it, my favourite Christmas episodes. Christmas is a time of joy and wonder, but can also have a different meaning for many others, and I believe these episodes show that. What is your favourite Christmas episode?

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