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Best Christmas TV Episodes

The best part about Christmas (apart from the food and presents) is that there are so many great things to watch on TV that get you in the festive mood. Each year, making a list of all the episodes to watch gets longer and longer, but for now, here is my list for the must-watch Christmas TV episodes.

Modern Family - 'Undeck The Halls'

All of the reasons why we love Modern Family are in this episode! There is a mystery in the Dunphy house, Mitch and Cam get Santa fired and Jay is introduced to some Columbian Christmas traditions. We all know what Christmas with the family is like and this episode captures it to a tee. You are sure to see one of your own family members in these characters.

Glee - 'A Very Glee Christmas'

Now, you can't have Christmas without listening to a bunch of Christmas songs. This episode includes great renditions of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside', 'Merry Christmas Darling' and 'Last Christmas'. Britney believes Santa is coming and Sue rigs the Secret Santa, there is Christmas cheer everywhere! Let's also not forget how Sue dressed head to toe in The Grinch makeup.

Have a listen to one of the Glee Christmas songs here.

Friends - 'The One With The Holiday Armadillo'

A Christmas TV classic that everyone's seen. Ross finds himself trying to teach Ben about Hanukkah and ends up dressing as The Holiday Armadillo. Parents know the pain of trying to find a Santa outfit too close to Christmas and having to give up, but not Ross Geller, even without Santa, he finds a way to make the festive season exciting. However, the episode highlight has to be The Holiday Armadillo, Santa and Superman all being in the room together!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 'Yippie Kayak'

For anyone out there that loves to watch 'Die Hard' every Christmas, this is the episode for you! Jake, Gina and Boyle end up in a dangerous situation while Christmas shopping, Amy wants to show Holt she is as tough as Rosa and Terry deals with his own problems at work and home. For a dysfunctional action-based Christmas episode, be sure to check this out and embrace Jake having his 'John McClane moment'.

Not Going Out - 'The House'

Lastly, we have my personal favourite British series and a great Christmas episode. In the episode, Lee invites everyone to his aunt's country house which appears to be haunted. If you want a show that is going to keep you laughing from start to finish, this is the way to go. Each character is hilarious and you will not be disappointed with its Christmassy feel!

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