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Best Crystals For Air Signs

This week's crystals are all designed for the amazing air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). If you are, or know an air sign, these are the crystals best for them!


Labradorite is a very spiritual crystal and is especially good for people who tend to work a bit too much (like most air signs are known to do). It helps its users regain energy by healing the mind, body and spirit. Labradorite is a powerful protector and imparts strength and perseverance to its users. When air signs need to adapt to change, Labradorite is best.


Agate is a crystal that helps to attract bright energy and offers protection to its users. It helps people deal with stress and other pressures of life. Agate also helps with bad dreams and negativity, and allows its users to become optimistic for the future. This crystal is good for slowing yourself down and balancing the mind, body and spirit. It is particularly good for Gemini.


Garnet is an energising crystal that is used to attract passion and success. It removes emotional blockages, as well as old patterns that may not be helpful to its users. Garnet creates emotional and energetic balance in the body. It is great at making sure its users don't get too angry in emotional situations! Garnet instantly awakens the soul and makes you feel alive. It is best for Aquarius.


Celestite is all about change, new beginnings and intellect (which sums up any air sign pretty well!). This crystal enhances all of the positive attributes that air signs already have. Celestite lets its air sign users indulge in their imagination and forget about their responsibilities for a while. If you are wanting to become more mindful, Celestite is the crystal to use.

Tiger's Eye

Air signs thrive on fun, laughter and adventure, especially when they are with the people they care about. As air signs like to make sure their life is balanced, working with crystals that help them feel secure is important. This is why Tiger's Eye is a good one to use, as it helps its users connect with their inner self, encourages clarity and enhances bravery. It is especially good for Libra.

By Pia Louisa

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