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Best Crystals For Happiness

Using crystals to help when you're feeling rather sad is one of the most normal ways people choose to use them. Crystals for happiness are best used when you set them a purpose. Choose the ones best for a certain mood and keep them only associated with that. Keep them in your happy surroundings to make sure they are full of only light and joy.


Amazonite promotes hope and playfulness. This crystal helps us to be more truthful within ourselves and wants us to live our fullest, most authentic lives. Amazonite helps our communication, leading us to enjoy better relationships and understand the people around us. It also helps us get rid of any beliefs that are no longer serving us, so that we can be guided to happiness.


Turquoise is a master healer and is often known as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Since ancient times, this vibrant crystal has been known for its protective properties, as well as its ability to promote luck. Turquoise also helps with communication, so is great for people who can't quite put into words what they are feeling. It is a great gift for someone who needs a little pick-me-up as well!


Carnelian is a bold and vibrant crystal, full of orange and red hues that make you feel warm and joyful just looking at it! It is a fire starter, meaning it ignites a wonderful passion within you, letting your soul fill with love and life. Carnelian is great for your sacral and solar plexus chakras, removing any blockages that have been stopping you from saying yes to all of life's greatest pleasures.

Rose Quartz

A lot of the time, our happiness is taken away because of problems caused by love. Rose Quartz promotes healthy romantic relationships, helps you to identify red flags in both lovers and friends and most importantly, allows you to love yourself. If you are going through a period of hating things that you have done, or things that someone else has done, make sure to use Rose Quartz.


Peridot has a very positive energy. This green crystal has the ability to increase even the smallest bit of happiness in your life and all the positive attributes you already have. Peridot's energy naturally stimulates joy and happiness in its users. It helps to increase your patience, think more clearly and be more confident. Whatever you set your mind to while using Peridot will happen faster than you thought.

By Pia Louisa

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