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Best Crystals For Water Signs

This week's crystals all belong to the wonderful water signs! Each water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) have unique personality traits, so if you are a water sign, or know a water sign, make sure to take a good look at these crystals.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite unlocks your imagination and helps bring balance and harmony to anyone's life. It is said that this crystal can help you remember your dreams, so it is perfect for the imaginative water signs! Blue Calcite helps to cleanse the chakras and get rid of any negative energies. Blue crystals are particularly good at helping to achieve clarity and improve communication.


Aquamarine is very calming and helps when it comes to communication issues (it is associated with the throat chakra). Its bright blue colour closely resembles the ocean! Therefore, it helps its users relax and remain calm. Water signs are very passionate, so having a crystal that can calm them down goes a long way. Aquamarine is particularly good for Scorpio.


Water signs represent emotions, intuition and love. Therefore, their crystals must include these traits. Amethyst enhances the positive attributes of these signs. It also helps to balance the negative traits that they have. Amethyst opens up intuition and helps water signs embrace their natural psychic skills. Use this crystal if you are just starting out and want something to guide you on your journey.


Water signs are emotional, loyal and intuitive and can immediately sense when someone's vibes are off balance. They are sensitive on all levels, loyal in their relationships and highly emotional, so working with Selenite will help them enhance psychic abilities and keep their energy protected. Selenite is wonderful at getting rid of any negativity attached to the aura. It is especially good for Cancerians.

Smoky Quartz

There are so many emotions beneath the surface of water signs. To help calm their emotional days, working with Smoky Quartz is a wonderful choice. This crystal is known for getting rid of negative energies and letting go of whatever is troubling you. Smoky Quartz transmits high vibrations and is great to wear as jewellery, carry in your bag/pocket and keep next to you when you sleep at night. It is best for Pisces.

By Pia Louisa

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