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Best Green Crystals

Green crystals represent growth. It is the colour of a flourishing heart and soul. Green symbolises wealth abundance and prosperity. It is also the colour of money in many countries, which is why it has so many positive connotations.


Malachite is a lucky crystal and is known to be a power stone. It is best used to heal any disappointments in your life, so you better be ready to work on yourself if you bring this crystal into your space! If you don't need Malachite to help with any sadness in your life, there are still other things it can do. Malachite also brings luck, joy, wealth and abundance to its users.

Green Jade

Centuries of history have said that Green Jade is laced in good luck and is a brilliant crystal to use. It doesn't matter whether you need guidance in business or your personal life, Green Jade is all about attracting wealth, joy and good fortune. With all of this confidence you will gain from this crystal, you will be protected against misfortune and misery.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the crystal to use if you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come your way. This crystal is known for its soothing qualities and brings luck into your life by setting everything up for good things to enter. Green Aventurine is sometimes called the 'Crystal of Opportunity', as it eases tension and brings out inner joy.


Emerald is the crystal to use if you want to connect with nature. It renews energy and helps heal a broken heart. When we successfully work through any fears or issues, we then become open to unconditional love entering our lives. Emerald is one of the green crystals that teaches self-compassion and opens up our hearts. This crystal sets the stage for healthy relationships.


Chrysocolla isn't a crystal that is very well known, but it is all about peacefulness and growing in the right direction. This crystal is great for serenity and building inner strength. The calmness of Chrysocolla helps with meditation and communication. Therefore, whether you need to communicate better at work or at home, let Chrysocolla take centre stage!

By Pia Louisa

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