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Best Halloween Costume For Each Star Sign

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, so now is the perfect time to get your costume sorted out! You may have a fun party to go to, or maybe you plan on having a night in watching movies and eating chocolate. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure you do it in spooky style.

Aries - Cheryl Blossom/Archie Andrews

We can all admit that Riverdale had gone a bit bonkers, but nothing says fiery quite like the style of Cheryl Blossom! Cheryl never goes a day without wearing her signature red, which completely shows the passionate and sometimes scary side every Aries has. For guys, Archie Andrews may not be as fiery as Cheryl, but with his trademark red hair, everyone will know you have a heated side to your personality.

Taurus - Bride/Groom

Taurus love the thought of settling down and finding love with their soulmate. That is why a bride/groom costume is perfect for them. For all the Taurus Halloween brides out there, try changing the traditional white dress to black. This will also show off your dark side, which anyone that knows you knows you have! This is a super easy costume that you can mostly create with things you already have at home.

Gemini - Harley Quinn/The Joker

Geminis have so much energy and are social butterflies. They sometimes have mood swings and struggle with making decisions, but they are loving and can adapt to any situation. They need a costume based on an emotional character with a bubbly personality. This is why Harley Quinn and The Joker are the perfect costumes for them. Just remember to use your lively personality when dressed as them!

Cancer - Supergirl/Superman

Cancerians prioritise their loved ones over everything, which can sometimes mean that they end up spending more time at home looking after everybody. This is why their perfect costume is someone who is hardworking and focussed on protecting the people around then. Cancerians would make wonderful superheroes and can spend their Halloween looking like the most powerful people in the universe!

Leo - Witch/Wizard

Leos are magical people. One day they are the funniest, liveliest people around and the next they are hardworking and quiet. They love to lead people, but sometimes find it difficult to get their authority across. Witch/Wizard is the perfect Halloween costume for them, as if anyone isn't doing what they want, they can just wave their magic wand and make everyone fall in line!

Virgo - Phoebe Halliwell/Merlin

Virgos are classic and tend to prefer the more traditional Halloween costumes, however, this year switch it up and become a different version of the trademark witch/wizard. Everyone will know who you are with these costumes, (and if you've never seen Charmed then you have to binge it now!) so you know you have to nail it! You always commit yourself fully to everything you do and your Halloween costume is no different.

Libra - Yoga Instructor

This one may seem a little bit random, but there are so many fun yoga costumes out there to show your personality! Libras are known for maintaining the balance and striving for justice. This is why a yoga instructor is such a great costume for them. Buy the cutest outfit you can find and have the most comfortable Halloween you will ever have. Don't forget the spooky yoga mat to match.

Scorpio - Magenta/Frank N Furter

Scorpios love a bit of darkness, so this Halloween embrace it and go as one of the characters from the iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show! Lean into Halloween's spooky side and turn yourself into one of the movie's best characters. You don't want to be the normal Brad and Janet, you want to be the weirdest, scariest characters from the film. Enter Magenta and Frank N Furter.

Sagittarius - Blair Waldorf/Nate Archibald

Sagittarius are natural leaders, so being the King and Queen of the the Upper East Side is perfect for them! While both of them go through quite sad storylines on Gossip Girl, they always pull through and show everyone what amazing people they are. Sagittarius easily embody their personalities, so get looking and find the best school uniforms and headbands out there.

Capricorn - Wolf

Capricorns are totally into Halloween! You wouldn't expect it from them, but they go all out for their costumes and love to embrace the traditional aspects of Halloween. There are so many fab and fun wolf costumes out there to try and during those cold October nights, the warm fur on the costume is sure to keep you warm (Capricorns still need to associate something practical with their costume!).

Aquarius - Eleven/Mike Wheeler

Stranger Things is still as good today as the day it came out! Aquarius are known for not being normal, so this Halloween, lean into it and become one of the stranger characters from this Netflix series. Creating these costumes will be easy and who doesn't love to throw it back to the 80s sometimes? Embrace your crazy side and go out there on October 31st and find some Demogorgon's.

Pisces - Flower Child

I was going to go for mermaid for you Pisces, but that may be a difficult one to get right! Flower child is the perfect costume for you as it completely embodies your romantic, passionate, spiritual side. Throw it back to the 60s with this gorgeous look and switch it up however you like to show your fun personality. Let your hippie heart be full of joy this spooky season.

By Pia Louisa

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