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Best Jobs For Each Star Sign

Each star sign has strengths and weaknesses that lead to them finding their perfect job. Let's find out what job is best suited for your zodiac sign and if it is the career you are in now!

Aries - Magazine Editor

Aries is a sign that is likely to have many careers in their time. They need to have a job that will empower them and help them impart their knowledge onto others. A magazine editor is a good job for them as they can embrace their entrepreneurial side and their creative one. Other jobs for Aries - Communications manager, holistic health practitioner and nurse.

Taurus - Art Director

Taurus are known to make lists, then check them lots of times to make sure there are no mistakes! They want to make money and don't want to leave that up to chance. Taurus would make great art directors, as they love to work only with their inner circle and have the power to create their visions. Other jobs for Taurus - Chef, photographer and makeup artist.

Gemini - Translator

Geminis love to talk and that is basically a translator's job! Translators often travel, which is a huge bonus for Geminis, as they don't like to stay in the same location for too long. As one of the most sociable star signs, Geminis will never get bored always talking to different people. Other jobs for Geminis - Project manager, salon owner and events manager.

Cancer - Interior Designer

Cancerians have a special gift when it comes to knowing what people want. They are also at their best when they are working alone...but don't mind a bit of direction here and there. All of this makes interior design a great job for Cancerians. As they are emotionally deep, they will be able to connect to their clients and make their vision come to life. Other jobs for Cancers - Therapist, hotel manager and CEO.

Leo - Fashion Designer

Leos love to see beauty in the world. They love to spread the cheer and be at every party. Fashion designer is the perfect job for them, as they love to have fans and followers and pay close attention to what could make them even more popular. They are innovative and are always creative in thinking. Other jobs for Leos - Dog trainer, city manager and special education teacher.

Virgo - Nurse

Virgos love to work! They are invested in their future and want to know they are doing something worthwhile. A nurse is a great job for them, as they don't mind where they work, but need to be helping the world in some way. Another thing Virgos need is to work somewhere far away from where they rest. Other jobs for Virgos - Lab technician, social worker and journalist.

Libra - Author

Libras have a lot to say, so being paid to write down all their thoughts is their dream come true! Libras like having a flexible job that won't stress them out too much and can't stand office drama. Being an author is perfect for them as they won't have to deal with confrontation and can handle everything with grace. Other jobs for Libras - Artist, counsellor and teacher.

Scorpio - Detective

This job encapsulates all the skills Scorpios have! They are curious beings and love to problem-solve, which makes detective perfect for them. Scorpios are able to detach themselves from what they do at work and need to be passionate about their job. They need to have a purpose and are always looking to succeed. Other jobs for Scorpios - Chemist, auditor and surgeon.

Sagittarius - Sports Coach

Sagittarius are always looking to reinvent themselves! They can't help but look back at their past mistakes to help them figure out what they should do now. Sagittarius need to be constantly doing something, which makes sports coach perfect for them. Their worst nightmare is feeling stuck, so constantly being around people is what's best for them. Other jobs for Sagittarius - Printing operator, travel consultant and publishing manager.

Capricorn - Business Executive

There is probably a good chance your boss or manager is a Capricorn! Being a business manager means that you get to make lots of decisions and must stay organised in order to succeed, which is perfect for any Capricorn. They need a job that will fully draw on their strengths and let them enjoy what they do. Other jobs for Capricorns - Scientist, copywriter and HR manager.

Aquarius - Astrologer

Aquarius love knowledge and astrology is based on an extensive body of knowledge that can help people better understand themselves. You are unlikely to find an Aquarius who isn't at least slightly interested in astrology! They are social entrepreneurs and love to solve community-based problems. Other jobs for Aquarius - Social enterprise professional, professor and social worker.

Pisces - Musician

Pisces need to have a creative job. Being a musician is perfect for them and more specifically, songwriting as they are able to get their intense feelings out in a creative way. They may also like to work with people, as Pisces are known for being valued members of any group. Other jobs for Pisces - Bartender, social worker and salesperson.

By Pia Louisa

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