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Best TV Love Stories

In Honour of Valentine's Day yesterday, I thought it best to look at some of the most wonderful love stories to ever grace our screens. As most of us were stuck inside by ourselves this year, there was no shame in watching characters we love on TV falling in love! Here are some of the best.

Rachel and Ross - 'Friends'

Whether you ship them or not, Ross and Rachel surely did have a tumultuous relationship that kept us gripped for 10 seasons. Through many ups and downs and a possible break, at the end they proved that they were meant to be with Rachel finally getting off that plane. They make us believe in love and wish to find someone to be our lobster.

Carrie and Big - 'Sex and The City'

Personal opinions of Big aside, he and Carrie had a wonderfully magical love story that we could rewatch over and over again! From many boyfriends, including Berger, Aidan and Petrovsky, Carrie knew in her heart that Big was the one. No one else could make her feel so happy and so sad all in one day. Even though it took 6 seasons and 2 movies, they found their happy ending.

Santana and Brittany - 'Glee'

This is a couple that we had no idea was going to become such a staple in the show when we watched the first season! From typical cheerleaders to a talented star and a hidden genius, Santana and Brittany are a couple that everyone loves. Even in their ups and downs, they still remained the best of friends and that is a love story we can all get behind.

Jake and Amy - 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Wholesome and comforting, Jake and Amy's love story has been one of the best on TV in recent years. From competing, to dating, to being married with a baby, they have been a couple that have had no drama and have supported each other through anything that either of them have gone through. They are proof of what a marriage should be like and a couple we can all look up to.

Cam and Mitch - 'Modern Family'

As love stories go, Cam and Mitch started strong and ended even stronger. The reason why they are on this list, is that even though they were together from the start of the show throughout, they showed us what it is like to love someone else unconditionally. Even though both of them had flaws, they loved each other not in spite of them, but because of them.

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