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Best TV Show Plot Twists

We all love those moments when watching TV where we go 'NO WAY'! There is no better shock then watching something, and being completely fooled. Just a heads up though, there may be some spoilers ahead.

Polly And Jason Being Related - Riverdale

Being one of the first twists on the show, it had to be a good one! Since the whole of the first season of the show was based around the death of Jason, there was obviously going to be some shocks surrounding it. Polly and Jason were in a relationship before he died, and later on we find out she is pregnant with his babies, so having them be third cousins is really a shocking revelation.

Marion Survives - Bates Motel

We all know that iconic shower scene in 'Psycho', and being a prequel to the movie, the viewers expected to see Marion be killed by Norman, however this was not the case. In a complete reinvention of the role, Marion ended up surviving her stay at the Bates Motel, and instead, her lying boyfriend Sam was the one who was killed at the end in the shower.

Jesse Betrays The New Directions - Glee

Even though it wasn't the most shocking of reveals, it was still hard to watch when we realised that Jesse wouldn't stay with Rachel at Mckinley. In one of the worst Jesse/Rachel scenes in the show, he and his team throw eggs at her and we see how much he broke her heart. Lucky for us they do end up together later on, but for now enjoy this amazing performance Vocal Adrenaline do right after he reveals his betrayal.

John Is The Killer - American Horror Story

Considering this is a show that even I find terrifying, I wasn't going to mention it, however, 'Hotel' is such a good season. There are plenty of shocks to choose from but detective John realising that he is the Ten Commandments Killer has to be the best. I do have to say though, for anyone who doesn't like anything scary, this is for sure not the show for you.

Dan Is Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl

In one of the most looked forward to reveals in years, after 6 seasons and multiple guesses, we finally find out the true identity of Gossip Girl. Some people love that it was him while others hate it (I think most people just wanted it to be Dorota) but either way, you can't deny that it was a shock. Dan being Gossip Girl will go down in history as one of the most dramatic revelations ever!

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