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Best Valentine's Day Episodes

With Valentine’s Day only a couple of weeks away, this is the perfect time to enjoy the most romantic TV moments ever!

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s cuddled up with your love, having a fun Galentine’s day with your besties, or spending the day with yourself, there are plenty of shows to keep you in that Valentine’s mood.

1. How I Met Your Mother "Desperation Day"

Just like with any day, Barney puts his own spin on Valentine’s, calling February 13th “Desperation Day” and Lily misses her and Marshall’s unique tradition of watching ‘Predator’ every year. What’s so great about this episode, is that it shows Valentine’s through the eyes of relationships at different stages, the singles, those in a new relationship, and the married couples.

2. Gossip Girl "Crazy, Cupid, Love"

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day on the Upper East Side could never run smoothly, especially when Georgina comes to town! Blair tries to get Serena and Dan back together, but ultimately ends up kissing Dan herself (worst couple ever). Gossip Girl definitely shows the glamorous side to Valentine’s, but if you’re suffering from Valentine’s party FOMO, then maybe miss this one out.

3. Glee "Silly Love Songs"

Be prepared for forty minutes of pure love songs, including ‘Firework’ and ‘P.Y.T’, as Will gives the Glee Club a special Valentine’s themed assignment. The best part of this episode is watching Kurt pine after Blaine even when Blaine is singing to another guy, as I’m sure we’ve all had that one person we want but can’t have at some point in our lives. We feel for you Kurt!

4. Modern Family "My Funky Valentine"

Valentine's just isn't right until Julianna and Clive appear! This is for sure the episode to watch if you want a good laugh. Each member of the family celebrates Valentine's in their own unique way, with Claire and Phil taking home the prize for most awkward moment. The show in general is great because you see each member of the family get caught up in each other's business, but this episode highlights that in such a funny way.

5. The Vampire Diaries "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

So, if I'm being honest, this isn't really a Valentine's themed episode, but it's great for those who aren't feeling the love as Caroline takes the girls to a 'bitter ball' to celebrate being single. This episode is great to watch when you want a bit of Valentine's, but not too much. All that vampire drama really helps you forget about being alone on this special day.

It's always fun to have a sofa day and watch all of your favourite shows, add on to that a chance to eat a bunch of heart shaped chocolates and you've got yourself a winning day!

In all honesty, Valentine's doesn't have to mean one thing. Yes, if you're with someone, it is a lovely day to spend with that special person, but to all those out there feeling sad because you're alone this year, don't worry about it. Valentine's is all about love, so find something you love and celebrate that instead. Having a Galentine's day is so much fun, and a great way to spend a day with people you love. There's something about certain holidays, like New Year's, when we feel pressure from everyone to have a date so we can celebrate the day properly, but who says that just because it's February 14th we must be with someone? Just remember, to celebrate a day about love, you have to do something you love.

So, no matter how you celebrate in a couple of weeks, have tons of fun and eat lots of chocolate!

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