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Best Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals fill your heart with the warmth of the Sun and radiate power into your solar plexus chakra. They are used to bring willpower into your life and provide a source of light. Yellow crystals bring a burst of sunshine after a storm and give you back a sense of joy.


Calcite is the crystal to use if you want a gentle summer energy in your life. It is a crystal of hope. Calcite has a soothing nature and helps its users break old patterns that are no longer benefitting them. This crystal clears your solar plexus chakra and brings back your willpower, creativity and confidence. It also cleans your sacral chakra inviting passion into your life.


Amber is a crystal that glows with gold and cleanses your sacral chakra. This beautiful crystal is all about balance and stability and helps you build your spiritual wisdom. Amber encourages creativity and the ability to express your thoughts. This crystal has historically been used as a talisman for courage, as it was thought to bring warriors good luck.

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic Agate allows you to accept the shadow parts of yourself in order to create healing and transformation. It is good for those who get nervous easily and helps people who have big events coming up that they need to prepare for. Dendritic Agate is a motivational crystal that can help people get stuff done. It is also good for keeping the mind active.


Citrine is a very popular crystal for people to use. It gets its name from the French word 'citron', which means lemon as it has a light yellow hue. Since Citrine has such a bright colour, it is known as a symbol of positivity, happiness and contentment. Citrine is thought to be a gift from the Sun, because of its warm colour. It's generally a high quality crystal and rarely contains impurities.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is a precious stone that has many spiritual powers. It can be bright yellow, or dark yellow, depending on which shade you are drawn to. Yellow Topaz is the most common type of Topaz and can connect to the heart chakra. When using Yellow Topaz, place it on your solar plexus chakra and remind yourself that you have all the power you need to succeed.

By Pia Louisa

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