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Beyond Lemuria Oracle Part 1

Onto the next batch of oracle cards and today we will be looking at some of the chakra cards from the Beyond Lemuria oracle deck! These are beautiful cards with amazing meanings behind them.

Heart Chakra

This isn't the correct order of the chakras, but let's start with the heart. Having a balanced heart chakra is all about having love for yourself as well as for others. It is a reminder that love comes in many forms and it is down to you to have compassion for yourself and for other people. To keep this chakra balanced, count everything in your life that you are grateful for and focus on your relationships with the people you love.

High Heart Chakra

This isn't in the traditional 7 chakras, but it is still important. The high heart chakra speaks of divine love, that feeling you get from someone that you can't explain but know it's amazing. It is when you drop your guarded nature and become your true self when in someone else's presence. To balance this chakra, focus on your life purpose and do what brings you true joy.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Your solar plexus chakra is all about stepping into your personal power. It is at the radiant centre of our being and emanates willpower and strength. To balance this chakra, take a moment to remember how powerful you are and how you can tap into your inner fire whenever you need. Be aware of where you are putting your energy and give everything you've got into the things you are passionate about.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is where your wisdom lies and where your conscious thoughts are centred. This is where you can go beyond what you see, and explore the unknown parts of your mind. To balance this chakra, examine any beliefs that you feel are limiting you and keep your left analytical side of your brain in harmony with your right emotional side.

Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is all about your devotion to the people and things that make you who you are. It is the link to your higher self, the person you would be if you had infinite wisdom. To balance this chakra, be present in the moment and don't limit yourself. Connect with the universe and align your values with your actions. The crown chakra is located just above your head.

Earth Star Chakra

The earth star chakra is the unofficial first chakra. It is all about being at one with your environment and feeling whole. When you feel like you know what to do but don't understand where this information has come from, it is your earth star chakra working. To keep this chakra balanced, put as much intention as you can into the meaningful parts of your life.

Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is defined by your feelings and how you see the world around you. It is all about your senses and being present in the moment while experiencing them. To balance this chakra, get in touch with your creativity and express yourself in whatever way you feel is best. Connect with your body and your sensuality. The sacral chakra is located at your lower abdomen.

Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is all about how you express yourself! It is the origin of your communication. To keep this chakra balanced, always be truthful with yourself about how you are feeling. Share your spirit with the world in the best way you know how. It is located unsurprisingly at your throat and is associated with the colour blue. The throat chakra is one of the most important chakras to keep in check.

Root Chakra

The official first chakra, your root chakra is all about laying your foundations. It is associated with the feeling of home and knowing you are safe and grounded wherever you may be. To connect with this chakra, spend time in nature. Be at home and take responsibility for your actions. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the colour red.

By Pia Louisa

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