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Beyond Lemuria Oracle Part 2

Today we will be looking at what each card in the Beyond Lemuria Oracle deck represents and what it means if you get these cards in a reading.


This card is particularly associated with all my air signs out there and is all about thinking up creative ways of living. Air signs are sensitive to change and don't like when shifts happen in their lives. That is why this card represents acting fast and keeping moving. The biggest theme here is communication and making sure you have the ability to share what is on your mind.


Water is about abundance. It is an overflow of emotion and love that can sometimes be overwhelming. This card shows how water signs are very much a humble element and don't like to be praised too often as it doesn't feel natural to them. Allow the flow to take over your life for a while and connect to your emotions in a way that centres and grounds you.

Loving Compassion

Loving Compassion is another way of saying unconditional love. Kindness and compassion are the closest things we have to powers on Earth, and when we use them, magic is sure to follow us. When you live your life with love in mind, all that is no longer useful to you will drop away and make room for better things. Loving compassion is fundamental to the balance of life.


Alignment comes to those with strong integrity. It wants you to be honest with yourself and have strong morals in order to manifest the life you want. Look at where your desires and manifestations are coming from and get to the root of your joy. Get to know yourself better through understanding your values and imagining the life you crave deep down.


Fire is a source of sublime beauty and also great danger. It is about the duality of our personalities and the fact that there is light and dark in all of us. Embrace the masculine and feminine, and the yin and yang of your being. The message this card is trying to get across is passion and excitement. Do what you are truly passionate about and your inner fire will flourish.

Awakened Awareness

Look beyond the veil and don't just focus on what is right in front you. Your physical reality is just the tip of the iceberg, and it's important to remember that there's a world beyond what you know. Wake up and snap yourself out of what you thought the world was like. Be grateful for what you have, but keep in mind that there are plenty of ways you can make this planet a better place.


Aether is the unspeakable element. It isn't something you can see or feel, and may even be thought of as pointless by some, however, those who are connected to their intuition will understand it completely. This is a time of no distractions and pure potential. Right now you are at a place in your life that is mysterious and hard to define, but trust that you are heading in the right direction.


Earth is the element of nurture and nature. It explores looking after the planet as well as looking after yourself. You are at one with nature and are protected by the same thing that you are working to protect. Ground yourself and feel at one with the universe. Take some time away from your problems for a while and connect to the changing seasons and flow of nature.

Soul Star Chakra

This is your final unofficial chakra and is all about merging with the universe. You are ready to transcend what you thought was possible and move onto the next chapter of your life. Open your mind to new possibilities and trust the wisdom of your soul. You have the ability to expand your awareness beyond space and time. Know that good karma is making its way to you.

By Pia Louisa

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