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Birthday Party Ideas

Some people love their birthday, others not so much. Some people like to have huge get togethers with 100 of their closest friends, others prefer a quiet time with one other person. No matter what you prefer, there are plenty of extravagant/peaceful ways to celebrate a birthday.

The funny thing about birthdays, is that for a day celebrating you, you don't always get to do what you want.

However, as we all know, a new decade is upon us, so now is the perfect time to finally have your special day exactly how you want it. Here are some of my ideas for a great birthday celebration:

1. Movie Marathon Party

This one is definitely for those who like a peaceful birthday. I think most of us can agree that sitting down and watching a movie we love is one of the most relaxing things to do. So, why not, for your special day, get a group of your best friends to come over and watch all of your favourite movies? Let yourself rest on your birthday and enjoy a night in with friends.

2. Beach Bar

If your birthday is in the winter months, then maybe sit this one out! Going out for drinks is always a winner, but by taking it up a notch and going to the beach as well, will make for a super fun birthday. Drinking and dancing are fun and all, but add to that watching a beautiful sunset on the beach and you've got yourself a night no one will forget.

3. Bowling

We've had the quiet party, and the big night out party, so next up is the activity party. Activity parties are the trickiest ones to figure out, because some guests may love an adventure, while others like a more relaxed feel. Bowling is one of those things that suits both. For the activity types, you can have a fun game with your friends and for the relaxed types, you can watch from the sidelines or give it a go.

4. Themed Party

Themed Parties are so much fun! Pick any theme you like and have a magical evening with the people who want to celebrate you. There may be some people who don't love to dress up, but the great thing about a themed party is that it can be as overstated or understated as you like. Just make sure to pick a theme you really love and have lots of fun with it.

5. Ice-Skating

Earlier we had a birthday for all you summer babies, now we have the perfect celebration for the winter people out there. Ice-skating is a fun way to get all your friends together for a super birthday. There may be a few of them who have never been ice-skating before so may not want to come, but having a cocktail night afterwards will secure them a spot later in the evening.

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