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Card Of The Week - Knight Of Pentacles

This week's tarot card is the Knight of Pentacles. Here we will be exploring the meaning behind this card, what it could mean for you in a reading and which zodiac sign is associated with it. Let's get right to it!


Traditional, boredom, work ethic, stuck, self-control, productivity, perfectionist. As you can tell from these keywords, this card isn't free-spirited in its nature! There are positives and negatives here and it is down to you to decide which is which (For example, is being a perfectionist a good thing?). This card wants us to be self-sufficient and get our work done with a good attitude.


Before we explore its meaning, let's take a look at the visuals of the card. The Knight in this card sits upon a black horse, meaning that he is often overlooked by others. Unlike the other Knights in the deck, this one is staying still, with his horse not moving. He is holding a single gold coin and is staring at it intently. The Knight of Pentacles is more interested in caring for his family and land than going off on adventures. Others may find him boring, but he likes to have long-term goals to work towards.


The Knight of Pentacles is all about common sense and working hard for what you want. It also tells us to be conscious of the environment around us and to care for it as much as we can. If this card represents a person for you, it will be someone stable and patient in your life. Although, this person may be a bit stubborn and can find showing affection difficult. It will also be likely that this person is an Earth sign.

What If I Get This Card In A Reading?

If you get this card in a reading, it is telling you to carry on with all your hard work. The energy of this card is quite slow, so don't be surprised if things take a little bit longer than expected. It could also tell you to lean on a friend that you can rely on. Don't be obsessed with reaching your goals, but keep that determination. You don't have everything figured out yet and that's ok, just don't give up.

Associated Zodiac Sign

The Knight of Pentacles is most associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. Although it seems as if it should be an Earth sign, (it can be associated with Capricorn too) this card fits Aquarius as they are a very hardworking sign. They are never wasteful, as they care so much for the people around them. The Knight of Pentacles is a realist, which reflects Aquarius as they view the world for what it is and like to find the parts of it they wish to improve.

By Pia Talbot

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