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Carrie's Questions Asked In Sex And The City Part 2

Considering there are about 94 questions Carrie has asked in the series, picking only 5 good ones is a waste of the other 89. So, lets take a look at 5 more questions Carrie has pondered over the years!

Just in case there are some of you out there who have never seen the show, and aren't too sure what it's about, four women; Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, are finding themselves and finding their loves in New York City. They all have completely different personalities, but somehow are best friends. Throughout the six seasons, they go through quite a few changes and quite a few men (and one woman). We also get to see how their lives have changed in 2 other movies.

When it comes to finding love for these four women, they all have different approaches. So when Carrie asks her questions, we get to see the answer play out in four different scenarios.

Here are the next 5 questions to look at:

1. "Can Women Have Sex Like Men?"

When Carrie says "sex like men" she is trying to say sex without feelings (which I don't think is true of all men). With the women being in their thirties, and still single, it's safe to say that they become slightly cynical of the whole dating process, which leads Carrie to ask this question. We all go through a period in our lives when we lose all hope of ever finding that person, but just like Carrie, he'll show up without you expecting it (looking at you Mr. Big).

2. "If Models Could Cause Otherwise Rational Individuals To Crumble In Their Presence, Exactly How Powerful Is Beauty?"

You know that feeling when you see someone so good looking that you can't even move your feet to go and talk to them? That's what I believe Carrie is talking about. We all have different types of beauty that make us crumble, but nonetheless, when it comes to someone we find attractive, most of the time we aren't able to walk over to them, let alone start a conversation. However, even the most beautiful of people have someone else who makes them nervous.

3. "Is There A Secret Cold War Between Marrieds And Singles?"

Being in a relationship can be tough. We try not to be the jealous type but it's not that simple. There are different ways to interpret this question, but here's how I see it. Let me give you a scenario, one of your friends recently becomes single, do you get jealous of her being around your partner? The real question here shouldn't be "are you jealous?". It should be, "do you see her as a threat?" and "do you trust your partner?". If your answer to the first question is yes, then maybe you need to have a talk with your friend about how you feel. If your answer to the second question is no, think about whether your partner is the right person for you.

4. "Are Men In Their Twenties The New Designer Drug?"

This is definitely not a question that every women asks herself! In this episode, Carrie goes out with a twenty-something guy while she tries to figure out her feelings towards a particular forty-something guy. Is she saying that the younger the guy, the simpler? Or is it, the younger the guy, the more addictive? Whatever it is she's asking, it's pretty clear she comes to the conclusion that, dating someone younger for the sake of dating someone younger isn't the best of ideas.

5. "Where Is The Line Between Professional Girlfriend And Just Plain Professional?"

OK, so a lot of the questions Carrie asks can get a bit lost on some if you don't know the context of the episode. In this particular one, Carrie spends the night with a guy and at the end, he leaves her a thousand dollars. I don't think this is a question to answer, it's more of a question to think about and then watch the episode, because no one can ask and answer a question quite like Carrie Bradshaw herself!

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