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Catchiest Summer Tunes Part 2

Creating a special summer playlist on the last post was super fun and really got me into that summer feeling, so without any further ado, here are the next bunch of songs to add to your list:

Old Town Road

If you still haven't been hearing this song on repeat since 2019, then where have you been? After being nominated for countless awards and winning many of them, this was the summer song of 2019 and if I'm being honest, I just don't feel ready to give it up as one of the summer anthems of this year. For his first single, Lil Nas X created one of the most popular songs of the decade.

Here Comes The Sun

Doo Doo Doo Doo! Sorry, I had to. Such a chilled summer song that reminds you of those early summer morning sunrises. Released in 1969, it's easy to see how the song is the most streamed Beatles song to date with over 350 million streams on Spotify worldwide. There have been quite a few covers of the song, but nothing can compare to the original.


Obviously there are a few different songs called 'Summer', however, the one I am talking about is the 2014 song by Calvin Harris. If you're like me, then you may not have thought it was all that special when it was released, and cared more that Calvin Harris was actually singing than the track itself. However, as a new summer dawns each year, I can't help but sing this song to myself.

Hot Girl Bummer

This song is definitely not for everyone, however, I love it! As soon as I heard the lyric 'I hate your friends and they hate me too', I was sold. The title is a play on Megan Thee Stalion's song 'Hot Girl Summer'. It is still a fairly new summer song, being released last year, and is a great song for any summer get together, for anyone younger reading this, I've put the clean version for you all to listen to.


Such an iconic song by TLC, 'Waterfalls' is a hit regardless of the season, but in summer it is perfect. Released in 1995, the song reached number one in both the UK and US and received many awards. It is known as one of the groups most established songs as it was loved so much and was critically acclaimed, especially since it was nominated for two Grammy awards.

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