Chiastolite is a great crystal at connecting us to the Earth and providing us with clarity and peace. When working or meditating with Chiastolite, positive energy will follow you around and bring joy to your life. If you are looking to achieve spiritual growth, this crystal is perfect to work with.

Planet: Venus

Star Sign: Libra

Element: Air

Chakra: Sacral

Used For: Protection from negative energies, security, strength

Why You Should Use It

Chiastolite is best used for protection from negative people. If you have recently had a fight with someone, Chiastolite is great for calming energies and bringing harmony. For spiritual practise, Chiastolite will help you on your journey while also keeping you grounded. It will also boost your creativity, help with problem solving and thinking logically.

How To Use It

If you choose to work with or meditate with Chiastolite, place the crystal on the floor near to you and feel its energy connecting you to the Earth. This is a crystal that allows you to decide how high you want the vibrations to go. When meditating with Chiastolite, relax with it as it will protect your psychic abilities. If you don't want to meditate with this crystal there are plenty of places in your home you can place it.

Where To Place It

Chiastolite is a great crystal to put around you when at home relaxing. As it is used for protection, you can use this crystal when your guard is down, so by the bed or sofa are the best places to place it in your home. If you choose to wear Chiastolite, wearing it as a necklace is the best idea as it is in a prominent place to change negative energies into positive ones.

Healing Properties

Chiastolite will bring calm energies into your life, boost creativity and make you more productive. It is a stone of wealth and abundance and will help with quick problem solving. If you use Chiastolite to help with romantic relationships, it will help you weigh the pros and cons of the situation and see all sides to it. It will bring mental clarity if you are confused about the situation.

By Pia Louisa

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