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Colour Analysis - What To Wear For Your Colouring

There are four different types of colours someone could be; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The colour you are is based on of your skin tone, eye colour, natural hair colour etc. Here are a few things to know about each colouring.


As with each colouring, there are different types of Summers, but for now I'm just going to give an overview of each colour. Summers often have ashy hair, light eyes and a delicate complexion. Colours that suit Summers include; soft pinks, silver, greyish purple and blackberry (but that one is for the dark Summers). Celebrities you may know who are Summers are; Kate Middleton, Emma Stone and Miranda Lambert.


Autumn people often have red toned hair, soft eye colours and a golden skin tone. Colours that would suit them are; beige, dark browns, marine blue and russet. Celebrities you may know who are Autumns are; Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale and Isla Fisher. Different Autumns you could be are; True Autumns, Soft Autumns, Deep Autumns and Warm Autumns.


Winters often have very dark hair, light eyes and a deep/clear colouring. Colours that suit Winters are; cherry red, deep blues, dark grey and navy blue. Celebrities you may know who are Winters are; Megan Fox, Courtney Cox and Lupita Nyong'o. Different kinds of Winters you could be are; True Winters, Clear Winters, Cool Winters and Deep Winters. One of the best things about being a Winter, is that you know black will always suit you!


In my opinion the best colouring (possibly because it is mine), Springs often have golden toned hair, delicate eyes and yellow undertones in our skin. Colours that best suit Springs are; golden tan, warm grey, coral and gold. Celebrities you may know who are Springs are; Elizabeth Banks, Amanda Seyfried and Scarlett Johansson. Remember, being a Spring means delicate colours (including in makeup) suit us better, so even though black goes with everything, try switching it up every once in a while.

Side Note

Even though it is fun to find out what colouring we are, don't forget, even if it is not in your colouring pallet, to wear the colours that you like. Obviously we all have certain colours and styles that suit us more than others, like if you are a Summer, but just absolutely love wearing black! Don't stop yourself if it is what you enjoy to wear but also keep in mind what colours suit you best.

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