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Compatible Life Path Numbers

Your life path number is similar to your Sun sign in astrology, as it shows your strengths, weaknesses, talents and ambitions. Figuring out someone's life path number is so easy, as all you have to do is add up all their numbers in their birthday (day, month and year) until you get to a single digit. Let's find out which life path numbers are the most compatible.

Life Path Numbers 1 and 4

Ones and fours make for a long lasting relationship, whether that be romantically or as friends. Life path number ones like to take risks, while numbers fours are good at making sure they don't get hurt in the process. Fours are great at calming ones down when they get overwhelmed. Ones teach fours to take risks and venture out, and fours teach ones how to be secure.

Life Path Numbers 2 and 6

Life path numbers two and six tend to be on the same wavelength. When they meet, they instantly click! Their connection flows with ease and has a sense of magic about it. They will never tire of each other's company, as twos are peace-lovers and sixes are affectionate. Twos and sixes share many similar personality traits. They are both family-oriented people who love being at home.

Life Path Numbers 3 and 5

Life path number threes are definitely most compatible with fives! Threes are creative and chaotic. They are independent and need to express themselves. These traits suit number fives. Number fives can handle threes chaotic energy and unpredictability. Fives are adventurous and bold, so would be happy to go on adventures with threes. They are both creative and like to be out in the world.

Life Path Number 7 and 7

Life path number sevens tend to be overthinkers and need to explore the deeper side of life. They are curious and have lots of interests, which sometimes keeps them from wanting to go out and socialise! Sevens often hide who they truly are from others, because they worry they wouldn't be accepted. This is why sevens are great with other sevens! They understand each other and would never judge.

Life Path Numbers 8 and 9

Eights and nines are great together! They are a natural fit. This is because eights are very business-minded while nines are compassionate, meaning they balance each other out. Eights are independent and like to lead. Nines are quite eccentric and will go with the flow. They both like a challenge and enjoy being in a partnership. Nines can be a bit serious at times, but they both love being at home and with the family.

By Pia Louisa

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