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Craziest TV Storylines

While watching the new season of Riverdale, it got me thinking about crazy TV storylines, mainly because the whole of Riverdale is one big crazy storyline (I still love it though)! These aren't bad parts of a show, just insane directions they may have went in.

How I Met Your Mother's Last Season

Let's not talk about the final episode of the series as I'm pretty sure no one liked it, I want to mention the entire last season. The whole of season 9 revolved around one weekend, aka, Barney and Robin's wedding. This was a crazy idea, but a great one! There were flashbacks, flashforwards and of course present day actions. You would have had to have seen the rest of the show to understand how something so crazy could actually work.

Friends' Giant Poking Device

In this case, crazy = hilarious. We all remember when the friends thought that 'ugly naked guy' was dead and decided to use chopsticks as a long stick to poke him with. Yeah, seeing it written down makes it sound even crazier, but we love it. Only a group with Joey in it can come up with an insane yet ingenious idea. Most people would call an ambulance if they thought their neighbour was dead, but not our friends!

Pretty Little Liars - Everything

Like many young people, I wanted my life to be just like the 'liars' when I turned 16, then I realised, getting stalked by a mysterious A and falling in love with your super hot English teacher isn't very likely! There are so many parts of this show that are so crazy, but hey, that's why we love it so much. What's the point of watching a TV show where everyone just sits around all day? That is the life we have to live now.

13 Reasons Why's Parent Involvement

This is part of a show where I understand why it was done, but it isn't the best in real life situations. I know people have their opinions on this show, I really like it, however, throughout the entire 4 seasons, the kids that are involved in the tapes never seem to talk to their parents about it and how they are feeling. In real life, talking to a trusted adult about emotions is always the best way to go.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 'I Want It That Way'

Last, but certainly not least, comes a part from one of my favourite shows ever, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's rendition of 'I Want It That Way'. Anyone who has seen the show will know exactly what I am talking about, but basically, there is a lineup of suspected criminals and to find out who committed the crime, they all sing the song. Crazy moment, but one of the best in the whole show. Click here to watch it!

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