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Crystal And Tarot Combinations

As today is world tarot day, we will be looking at some of the best crystal and tarot combinations! When having a tarot reading, if there are any cards that you are drawn to, look up which crystals are associated with them. For now, these are my favourite tarot and crystal combinations.

Amethyst and The Star

If you have received The Star, you are likely to have found yourself feeling inspired. It brings a sense of hope and faith, and shows just how blessed you truly are. Amethyst is the perfect crystal to partner with this card! It is all about strengthening intuition, spiritual development and improving psychic abilities. Both the crystal and card are about having faith in yourself, as well as the universe.

Citrine and Justice

Receiving Justice is all about a fair decision being made in your life. You are not going to be swayed by outside distractions and will make your mind up based on the facts in front of you. Citrine is a crystal for building confidence, mental toughness, and overcoming challenges. It is also used for manifestation. Justice and Citrine put together help their users remain confident in whatever decision they have made.

Clear Quartz and The Empress

The Empress is a card that wants you to embrace your nurturing side and create life, whether that be family, art, romance, or a new business. Clear Quartz is the go-to crystal for this card, as it amplifies energies. One of these crystals is definitely enough and will help you feel extra motivated to start creating. If you are drawn to The Empress, make sure to use some Clear Quartz as well.

Agate and The Fool

If you have received The Fool, you are in need of a fresh start! This card wants you to remain hopeful and honest on your journey, and to never lose your innocent spark. Agate is the perfect crystal to go with The Fool, as it is a strength crystal that will help you on your new journey. It was once associated with the Greek warriors in ancient times and will help its users maintain a warrior spirit.

Fluorite and Ace of Pentacles

The only Minor Arcana card on this list, the Ace of Pentacles is all about new opportunities in business. This card signifies the potential for stability, security and working hard to make your dreams come true. Fluorite is used to transform negative energy into positive energy. It gets rid of stresses we may be facing and helps us achieve peace of mind, which is great when starting a new business!

By Pia Louisa

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