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Different Body Types

Every single body type is beautiful. No matter what you see on TV about the 'perfect body', there is no one type that everyone is meant to be. Today I wanted to talk about different body types: what they are, how to dress for them and how to feel absolutely gorgeous.


An hourglass figure is when your body is curvy. You have a defined waist and your bust and hip measurements are pretty much equal. Clothes that suit women with an hourglass shape are, wraps and fit and flare dresses as they will put a focal point on your waist, while still falling at the hips. Celebrities with an hourglass shape include: Beyoncé, Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Taylor.


Also called a rectangle body shape, a straight body type is when your hips and bust are even and your waist is not defined. Clothes that suit women with a straight shape are, off the shoulder tops and tops that are loose around the bust. Celebrities with a straight shape include: Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway and Queen Latifah. One misconception about body types is that, for example, every woman with a straight figure looks the same, but this is not true.


If your body is apple shaped, it means you have broad shoulders and a full bust and waist, with thinner legs. Clothes that suit women with an apple shape are, skinny jeans and flowy tunics. Celebrities with an apple shape include: Drew Barrymore, Amy Schumer and Jessica Simpson.


A pear shaped figure is when your hips and bottom are wider than your shoulders and bust. Your top half of your body will more likely be slimmer than your bottom half. Clothes that suit women with a pear shape are, jeans that flare at the bottom and jackets. Celebrities with a pear shape include: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Amy Poehler.


Athletic figures are very similar to straight ones, as they are very even up and down your body, however they are a bit more muscular. Clothes that suit women with an athletic figure are ones that define their shoulder and torso as both those parts of the body are toned. Celebrities with an athletic shape include: Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightly.

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