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Each Star Sign's Most Attractive Feature

Every star sign has a feature, whether it's looks or personality, that others are instantly drawn to. This is the area that they feel the most confident in and know they don't have to be insecure about. Not only do these features show how fabulous you are, but they also say a lot about who you are as a person.

Aries - Eyebrows

Aries have stunning features, but what they want to show off most is their fierceness. They want people to know that they can't walk all over them and a physical feature that shows the depth of their wildness is their strong eyebrows. You may find yourself taking extra care of them, as you know how important a strong brow is to your look. Stay bold Aries!

Taurus - Mystery

Taurus have beauty surrounded by mystery. Their delicate sensuality is something to be discovered. People are drawn to Taurus as they are have a mysterious nature that others can't quite figure out. They are beautiful people with a hidden charm and need time to be able to let people see beneath the surface. Some people find it difficult to understand a Taurus, but the right people find their mystery alluring.

Gemini - Wit

Geminis are witty and forever youthful people. They capture the attention of any room with their quick-wit and are instantly desirable to others. They are very quick to forgive and live in the moment. Geminis may not be the best at sticking to long-term goals, but their intelligent humour is second to none. People love speaking to a Gemini, as they will not only get them thinking, but have them laughing their heads off too!

Cancer - Compassion

As natural nurturers, Cancerians want to take care of everyone. Once they see you as worthy, Cancerians will do anything to make you feel loved. Others find their compassion irresistible, as they know that they can count on them. This may not seem like the hottest trait to have, but everyone wants someone to be there for them when they're in need of comfort and Cancerians are definitely the way to go.

Leo - Hair

As symbolised by a lion, Leos have a great mane! There's just something about Leo's hair that people can't help but notice. When they feel comfortable with their hairstyle, Leos become even more confident. They command other people's attention and are always fun to be around. Leos are protective and brave, which make them admired by many. Keep that courage Leo.

Virgo - Skin

You work hard to keep your skin youthful and clear Virgo! Virgos are known for their hard work and careful approach, and this shows in their skin routine. They know that one of the first things people notice is glowing skin and making a good first impression is important to them. Some people might see their dedication to a skin routine as vain, but Virgos see it as necessary.

Libra - Class

So many people are attracted to Libra's elegance. They are classy people who understand balance and are always put together. Libras would never leave the house looking unrefined and will always dress tastefully. They love when their outfits are matching and others appreciate how naturally beautiful they are. I mean they are ruled by the planet of love and beauty, so what more could we expect?

Scorpio - Jawline

Scorpios have a powerful will and this shows in their defined jawline. They are daring and determined and are blessed with sharp features. Scorpios are perceived as the harshest of the zodiac and their well-defined features only accentuate that. They do have a softer side, although it may take you a few years to get to it! Keep that inner fierceness Scorpio.

Sagittarius - Kindness

We all know that Sagittarius are adventurous, but they are also very kind and care about the people they love the most. They have a tough exterior, but once you know that they have deemed you worthy, you will always have someone on your side. When someone they love has a problem, Sagittarius will always be happy to help and no matter what, they will have your back!

Capricorn - Wisdom

Capricorns are wise beyond their years. They also have a great sense of humour, are youthful and naturally striking! Capricorns can come across as mysterious, but they are actually very open and are always happy to give others advice. Out of everyone, Capricorns are the best to go to when you need help with something and could use some guidance.

Aquarius - Thoughtful

Aquarius are thoughtful people and when they have a project they are interested in, they are very giving. They are assertive, edgy and modern. Aquarius are always wanting the next best thing to be passionate about and will give everything within them to make sure their business succeeds. When they are enthusiastic about something, they will be the most thoughtful, friendly people you know.

Pisces - Body

Out of all the zodiac, Pisces are the most confident about showing off their bodies. When they are on the beach you will most definitely see them in a bikini and most of all, they don't care who's watching! Pisces do what they want and aren't afraid of the looks they might get. If you ever need to borrow some confidence about pulling off an outfit, check in with a Pisces.

By Pia Talbot

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