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Embracing Your True Self

Whether it’s pressures from the outside world, or from yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to understand who you really are and not be afraid to show everyone else. I wanted to spend a little time today sharing some tips on how to remember to embrace your truest self.

When Do You Feel Your Best?

The first step in being who you really are is to figure out who that actually is. When do you feel at your best? Is it when you are with your friends, or maybe when you are alone working on a fun project? No matter what it is, take some time to understand when you are at your happiest and build from that foundation. Figuring out who we are is a changing process that will be different every single day, so continue to ask yourself this question often.


Now that you have figured out when you feel your best, start to encourage these feelings and do more things like this. Be aware of how your emotions change when you are doing something you enjoy and when you are not. Once you have figured out what isn’t working, you will be one step closer to being your truest self and doing things that make you happy.


As mentioned above, we are constantly changing throughout our entire lives and with each change, we go through a mini identity crisis. This is totally normal. Embracing who we are is tough when who we are changes constantly, however, it is something to enjoy not fear. We are all different people than who we were even yesterday. Enjoy the journey instead of worrying about the destination.

Don’t Compare

We, as humans, love to compare one thing to another. We want to see ourselves in other people, but unless you are one of the lucky few who can find others similar to you easily, that can be difficult. Remember not to compare yourself to other people in your life, or even celebrities you see on TV. You are unique and there will be people out there that love this about you and wouldn’t want you to be like anyone else.

Find Like-Minded People

Once you are embracing who you are, get out there and find others that understand your true self and actually relate to it. Joining clubs and learning things you are interested in is a great way to meet similar people. Now that you have accepted yourself, others will too.

By Pia Talbot

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