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This week's crystal is the gorgeous Emerald! Emerald is a stone that promotes kindness, so you always show your best side to others. It is a stone to keep near you as it helps improve memory. Here are some other reasons why Emeralds are amazing crystals.

Planet: Venus

Star Sign: Taurus

Element: Earth

Chakra: Heart

Used For: Releasing feelings of jealousy, finding your inner self, increasing passion

Why You Should Use It

Emerald is a crystal for the heart as it symbolises compassion and ultimate love. It promotes spiritual and emotional balance and increases the body's energy, while also activating the chakras. Emerald wants to show its users that they can be happy and fulfilled just by being themselves. It is all about balance and wants you to give and receive equally.

How To Use It

The best way to use Emeralds is by wearing them, specifically on a ring as it shows a deep love and beautiful commitment. They are stones of infinite love and are great to give to someone you share a strong spiritual connection with. By using Emerald, you will be increasing the loyalty and honesty in your life and when it comes to this crystal, the more unique the stone, the better!

For Love and Relationships

Emerald is a crystal that seeks out love. There is a reason that Emeralds are often gifted to romantic partners, as they are a symbol of loyalty and devotion. With the beautiful green colour associated with this crystal, your relationships will always be compassionate and full of patience and understanding. Having Emeralds in your life means that you will have more love and passion in your relationships.

Healing Properties

Emerald is a crystal for love and joy, with the added bonus of improving intuition. It is a crystal that wants its users to have faith in themselves and in their intelligence. Emerald reveals the truth and helps with emotional healing. It brings loyalty and a feeling of bliss to relationships and also keeps them in balance. Emerald is a crystal that brings harmony to all areas of life.

By Pia Louisa

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