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Fashion Trends Of The Past Decade

Every year there is a new fashion craze that we question, yet want to wear. The 2010s had many a style moment, from Lady Gaga's meat dress (why?), to both Kate and Meghan's wedding dresses. You forget how much has changed in the last ten years and how much our style has grown.

There were definitely some odd choices (I'm looking at you tiny sunglasses) but there were also some great looks that made a comeback, for example, the choker, which I hope never leaves us.

Celebrities played a major part in our style evolution, with the biggest fashion breakout star being Zendaya. When looking at fashion, we love someone who can take a risk on the carpet yet still look on point, and she is, for sure, the women for the job.

Let's be honest though, we all have that one trend we stuck with throughout the decade that looking back, maybe wasn't the best look. Anyone who had thin brows knows what I'm talking about!

So, for now, here are the best weird and wonderful trends of the 2010s:

1. Gladiator Sandals

Way back in about 2015, gladiator sandals had a major comeback. They were one of the hottest shoe trends of the summer, and we loved it. I remember wearing gladiator sandals for the whole summer one year, and trust me, the tan lines were weird! My obsession with the shoe did come to an end and it was definitely time. However, looking back, I still believe there was nothing wrong with bringing a bit of Roman style to the 21st century and hope we still wear them in the future.

2. Festival Looks

With festivals like Coachella becoming ever more popular, we've had our fair share of fringe and flower crowns in the past decade. With Vanessa Hudgens being the Queen of Coachella, it's safe to say we've been shown the ropes by an absolute master of the festival. Not to say festival styles haven't changed throughout the years, but overall it's a very boho look and definitely a winning fashion moment. What's great about this style, is it changes with the times, so be prepared to see many festival looks 2020 edition.

3. Tiny Sunglasses

Mentioned earlier, tiny sunglasses are going to be one of those trends we look back on and cringe. What were we thinking? Someone out there must have thought they looked cool, because those tiny things are not keeping the sun out of anyone's eyes! If you are in the 1% of people who look good in them, then happy tiny sunglasses shopping, but if you're like the rest of us, then maybe stay away from them and opt for a bigger sunglasses collection.

4. Crop Tops

Honestly, crop tops have never really come out of style since the 70s, and even now they are a fashion must-have. I can't imagine life now without a crop top! Partnered with jeans, skirts or shorts, they go with everything. Around 2013, crop tops came back with a force and are sure to carry on being in style for as long as they can. I can't see this trend going away anytime soon. So, here's to the 2020s, another decade where crop tops prevail!

5. Bike Shorts

In 2017, bike shorts came into our lives for purposes other than riding a bike, and why oh why did we let this happen? Shorts are difficult at the best of times, and mainly due to the fact that the Kardashians seemed to love them, everyone started wearing them. Similar to the tiny sunglasses, only about 1% of people can pull them off. Let's just hope that, for the next decade, bike shorts remain only for when riding a bike and we all find kinder, more flattering shorts for our day to day activities.

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