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Funniest Friends Moments

With a Friends reunion just around the corner, let's take a look back at some of the funniest moments this popular iconic show has blessed us with (and there’s been quite a few)!

1. 'PIVOT!'

This has to be one of the funniest on-screen scenes ever! Ross tries to get his new couch into his apartment with the help of Rachel and Chandler, what could go wrong? I’m pretty sure at one point or another, we have all said ‘pivot’ in the voice of Ross! This is definitely a moment we’ll never forget, and to have the couch split in half by the end was just the best/worst ending possible.

Hey, some languages are difficult to learn, but I don't think anybody has ever spoken French like Joey did. When trying to get a role, Joey has to learn how to speak French, and enlists the help of Phoebe to get it right. Unfortunately, for Phoebe (but hilarious for us), no matter how many times he tries, Joey just can't get the hang of learning a new language.

3. Rachel being 'happy' for Monica and Chandler

We've all had that moment when something amazing happens to someone we love, but a part of us gets a little bit sad that it didn't happen to us. As Rachel's jealous percentage gets higher and higher, we can feel that pain of being happy yet slightly annoyed. This scene is so funny because it is so relatable, at least we have Rachel to say out loud what we're all thinking.

For anyone out there who hasn't seen Friends (how?), Unagi is not just freshwater eel, it is a state of mind. Ross tries to demonstrate to Rachel and Phoebe that he has 'Unagi', after they take a defence class. Throughout the episode, all three of them try to prove that they have 'Unagi' by scaring one another and seeing how they react. I think there's a bit of 'Unagi' in all of us, or at least 'Salmon Skin Roll'!

A running theme throughout the show, is the friends not knowing what Chandler does for a living. In season 4, Monica and Rachel battle Joey and Chandler in a quiz and end up switching apartments when the girls lose. One of the questions in the quiz, and ultimately being the one that loses them the whole game, is 'what is Chandler Bing's job?'. The girls have no idea, and the word 'transponster' was born.

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