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Greatest Holiday TV Episodes

Going away this summer seems unlikely for most of us, so looking for some escapism, and summer holidays vibes, is the best way to get into that getaway spirit. For now though, sit back and watch your favourite characters have some holiday fun.

Modern Family - 'Paris'

Like many people out there, I had a special trip planned to go to Paris, but unfortunately, it did not go ahead. So, in the mean time, watching this episode kept the Paris vibes going. The family head off to the city of love to support Jay as he gets an award for being in the closet industry (yes, closet!). Meanwhile, Cam goes full Fizbo on the streets of Paris.

Gossip Girl - 'Summer Kind of Wonderful'

Since the show is set in New York City, it's always a nice break when the group head off somewhere different for the summer. In this case, it's The Hamptons. Still as glamorous as ever, Serena and Blair try to figure out their boy troubles, with Serena pretending to be dating Nate while trying to get over Dan, and Blair making Chuck jealous by going out with another guy.

No beach? No problem! The gang head off to London for Ross' wedding to Emily in this iconic episode. There are so many highlights to choose from that it's difficult to just pick one. I mean, the start of Monica and Chandler's relationship, Ross saying Rachel's name at his wedding, and how can we forget Joey and Chandler exploring London (especially when Joey goes into his map!).

Another trip to The Hamptons, the girls have their share of fun away from the city, and Carrie learns that Big has been seeing Natasha, a younger woman. It's clear that there are plenty of shows set in New York City (three on this list already) and although it's fun to see the characters get away from the bright lights and crowded streets, there's nothing quite like when they get back to the city and normality begins again in one of the greatest city's in the world.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 'Honeymoon'

Seeing Jake and Amy go on their relaxing honeymoon really brings out those jealous feelings! Apart from Captain Holt being there and putting a slight downer on their trip, the couple make the most of being in Mexico. Getting massages, drinking from coconuts, and any activity that Amy can find, spending time in Mexico never looked better.

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